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  • Harmless drones get federal flak

    In March 2012, volunteers spent four days looking for a 2-year-old boy who wandered away from his home outside Houston, Texas. They found him only after volunteers reviewing Images captured by a drone-mounted aerial camera saw a flash of red in a pond that had already been searched. It turned...

  • Suit over deadly drone strikes is tossed by judge

    A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Obama administration officials for the 2011 drone-strike killings of three U.S. citizens in Yemen, including an al-Qaeda cleric.

  • Federal judge dismisses lawsuit against Obama administration over drone strikes

    A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Obama administration officials over the 2011 drone-strike killings of three U.S. citizens in Yemen, one of them an al Qaeda cleric. U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer says the case raises serious constitutional questions and is not easy to...

  • Suspected North Korean drones crude, reflect new threat

    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korean experts say two small drones believed to have been flown across the border by the North were crude and decidedly low-tech — equipped with cameras available on the Internet for hundreds of dollars — but underscore a potential new threat that must be...

  • South Korea suspects 2 crashed drones from North Korea

    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korean officials said Wednesday they suspect that two unmanned drones that crashed recently near the border with rival North Korea were flown by the North on possible surveillance missions. A drone crashed on frontline Baengnyeong island Monday when the two...

  • Editorial cartoon: Enrollment push

    Cartoon by Nate Beeler/Cagle Cartoons.

  • Backers say drones will prove useful for farmers

    DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Interest is growing in using unmanned drones to help monitor millions of acres of crops. Drones with infrared cameras and other sensors can help identify insect problems and watering issues early. They can also help assess crop yields and locate missing cattle. The...

  • Editorial cartoon: Armed droning

    Cartoon by Michael Ramirez/Creators Syndicate.

  • US lags as commercial drones take off around globe

    A small, four-rotor drone hovered over Washington Nationals players for a few days during spring training in Florida last month, taking publicity photos impossible for a human photographer to capture. But no one got the Federal Aviation Administration's permission first.

  • States wrestle with developing, restricting drones

    Law enforcement, government agencies and others are itching to use drones for everything from finding lost hikers to tracking shifting wildfires. But privacy watchdogs are urging state legislatures to step in and head off any potential privacy violations.

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  • 2014 ≠ 2016

    Polls are overrated, but they can be still instructive. So what’s to be learned from a Fox News survey of 1,012 registered voters conducted April 13-15? 

  • Through a Google Glass, Darkly

    “Just because something bears the aspect of the inevitable one should not, therefore, go along willingly with it.” ​—​Philip K. Dick

  • As Goes North Carolina

    Raleigh, N.C.  To win the Senate, Republicans must win North Carolina. While it’s mathematically possible to take the Senate without ousting Democratic senator Kay Hagan, the chances of that...