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  • The good fight: FIRE suing colleges and universities over speech codes

    Once upon a time, American colleges and universities prided themselves on being a zone of free expression, open to ideas, in a society that often censored speech and pressured citizens into conformism. How things have changed!

  • Johns Hopkins resumes talks with union over wages

    BALTIMORE (AP) — A union representing 2,000 workers at Johns Hopkins Hospital is in negotiations with the medical institution over workers' wages after Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley stepped in to stop a planned four-day strike. Talks between the union and the hospital resumed Tuesday...

  • Student loan interest rates to increase

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Interest rates go up Tuesday for students taking out new federal loans. This hike is relatively minimal but could foreshadow more increases to come. The change stems from a high-profile, bipartisan deal brokered last year by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama that...

  • Calif. AG hopes to file additional charges against Corinthian Colleges

    Harris SAN FRANCISCO (Legal Newsline) – California Attorney General Kamala Harris announced steps on Friday that would allow her to file additional charges against a post-secondary education company that allegedly violated California false advertising and unfair competition laws. Harris...

  • VIDEO: Lawmakers say 'alarming' assault trend needs to end

    It’s a bipartisan effort on Capitol Hill as lawmakers work to address sexual violence on college campuses.

  • The education establishment's success

    Many view America's education as a failure, but in at least one important way, it's been a success -- a success in dumbing down the nation so that we fall easy prey to charlatans, hustlers and quacks.

  • Obama's deficient plan for student loans

    The government normally doesn't care whether you or I accumulate large bills for home improvement, a new car or exotic vacations. But President Obama feels no hesitation in concluding that the cost of higher education has placed "too big a debt load on too many young people." Therefore,...

  • Lawsuit could help free public schools from union shackles

    Last week's court decision striking down the teacher tenure law in California public schools, and aspects of the law making it almost impossible to fire tenured teachers, is good news for everyone worried about America's future.

  • How much do you know about the student loan boom?

    With overall student debt in the U.S. at more than $1 trillion, many lawmakers are pushing legislation to lower graduates' repayment costs. President Obama recently expanded a federal program to cap borrowers' interest payments, while a measure to change interest rates on loans has stalled in...

  • EXography: Government corruption encourages more state spending on infrastructure, but takes away resources from schools, public health

    An innovative data analysis finds that states with high levels of public corruption spend less on schools and public health because its easier for dishonest officials to extract bribes from other activities like construction, road-building, public finance and government employee compensation.

  • Intolerance on campus in the name of tolerance

    Bowdoin College officials insist that "religious freedom and spirituality are alive and thriving" at the liberal arts college in Maine but members of campus Christian club heartily disagree. For the first time in 40 years, Bowdoin Christian Fellowship's club charter was rejected because it...

  • Fracking raises worker salaries and cuts costs for states: Examiner Editorial

    With little and at times fabricated evidence, Big Green activists and their supporters in government have worked hard to undermine the energy revolution underway in the U.S. Exploiting fear and ignorance, they seek to convince Americans that the current natural gas boom propping up the country's...

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