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  • Democrats use Hobby Lobby defeat as a rallying cry for November midterms

    Democrats are hoping to turn the Obama administration's defeat in the Supreme Court's recent Hobby Lobby ruling into big political wins come November.

  • Feds taking 'prime role' in Texas voting maps case

    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Efforts by the Obama administration to wring protections out of a weakened Voting Rights Act begin Monday in Texas over allegations that Republicans intentionally discriminated against minorities when drawing new election maps. A federal trial in San Antonio comes a year...

  • Red-meat Millennial: This 27-year-old state rep wants to become the youngest member of Congress

    Oklahoma State Rep. Mike Turner, R-Edmond, is conservative, involved in his community and well-educated in electrical engineering. He's also just 27 years old.

  • Juan Manuel Santos steals a win in Colombia --- can he keep it?

    How does a sitting president get re-elected, despite sporting a 56 percent disapproval rating with approval ranking in the 30s? Juan Manuel Santos built a most formidable organization and controlled such massive finances that, whatever the polls said, he was virtually certain to win. And...

  • Supreme Court protects mudslinging

    The age-old practice of mudslinging and false accusations during political campaigns is safe for the time being, as the Supreme Court on Monday unanimously ruled that an anti-abortion group can proceed with a challenge against an Ohio law that made such actions a crime.

  • Primary watch: Keep your eye on these races

    On Tuesday, voters in four states -- Virginia, South Carolina, Maine and Nevada -- will nominate yet another round of candidates for the Nov. 4 elections. There are also a few runoff elections in Arkansas for positions in the state's legislature, and voters in North Dakota will decide on some...

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