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  • White House hopes for European shale gas face headwinds

    The White House wants Europe to frack to weaken Russia's influence over energy supplies on the continent. Translating that desire into action, however, will take time. Officially, the White House has said it would help the European Union develop "unconventional hydrocarbons," a reference to...

  • White House splits from some Senate Democrats on natural gas exports

    Russia's annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region led to calls for the administration to green light more natural gas exports, to lessen Europe's dependence on Russian energy.

  • Electric grid security gets renewed attention on Capitol Hill

    Congress is leading a manhunt at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Lawmakers are livid because of a FERC leak of sensitive information about vulnerabilities in the electric grid to the Wall Street Journal last month. The article noted that a coordinated attack on nine key -- but...

  • Nuclear disposal agreement could bring Russia, U.S. to negotiating table

    Officials in the United States and Russia soon might have to negotiate over a hot-button energy issue -- and it's not related to natural gas. At issue is a Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility, or MOX, project in Aiken, S.C., that is supposed to convert weapons-grade plutonium into commercial...

  • Few GOP fireworks over Energy Department push for clean energy loans

    There was sound, but little fury, from House Republicans on Thursday after the Energy Department announced it would reopen a clean energy loan program derided by conservatives. During the 2012 election, "Solyndra," the failed solar panel-maker that received a $535 million federal loan...

  • Crews enter troubled nuclear waste dump

    Officials say crews have made their first trip into the federal government's underground nuclear waste dump since a release of radiation in February contaminated 21 workers.

  • Underreporting of injuries in mines needs to be fixed, Labor Department IG says

    By underreporting mine injuries and accidents, coal operators are dodging penalties from the Department of Labor, a new watchdog report has found. The Labor Department's Mine Safety and Health Administration lacks sufficient "knowledge of the occurrence of underreporting" on the data of...

  • Big Green's 'sue-and-settle' strategy draws pushback from states, Congress

    Scott Pruitt is Oklahoma's attorney general and he's fed up with Big Green's outrageously destructive sue-and-settle attacks using endangered species as a weapon to obliterate America's burgeoning oil and gas production. Pruitt was so fed up that on March 17 he and a coalition of energy groups...

  • Wind energy credit excluded from Senate Finance Committee proposal

    The Senate Finance Committee Chairman released a bipartisan proposal for extending energy tax incentives Tuesday, but there was one key omission -- the wind energy production tax credit. The credit, which expired at the end of 2013 and also affects geothermal, biomass and other renewable...

  • EPA sends proposed emissions rule for existing power plants to White House

    Public health and environmental groups say the measure would save billions of dollars in medical costs and help blunt the effects of climate change, which could save money by reducing the intensity of extreme weather events linked to a warming planet.

  • Lawmakers again call on Obama to keep Savannah River Site project open

    COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Lawmakers are again calling on the Obama administration to keep open a South Carolina facility to process weapons-grade plutonium into commercial reactor fuel.

  • More mudslide victims found as state seeks new aid

    Estimated financial losses from the deadly Washington mudslide that has killed at least 24 people have reached $10 million, Gov. Jay Inslee said Monday in a letter asking the federal government for a major disaster declaration.

  • Republicans hope to capitalize on Mary Landrieu's Rhea Suh vote

    The GOP is prepared to attack the Louisiana Senator for her vote to confirm Suh to a key post in the Department of the Interior.

  • Climate change hits 'all continents and across the oceans,' UN report says

    Every continent has been affected by climate change, and the risks of not curbing greenhouse gas emissions that cause it will grow in the coming years, according to a comprehensive United Nations report. The latest iteration of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change expanded on...

  • No national system to track landslide hazards

    SEATTLE — People living in the path of a deadly Washington state landslide had virtually no warning before a wall of mud, trees and other debris thundered down the mountain. Some of the homeowners didn't even know the hillside could give way at any time. Unlike the warning systems and...

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