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  • Connecticut moratorium stalls wind power proposal

    As Connecticut moves on several fronts to diversify its supply of energy, proposals for wind power have stalled as state lawmakers struggle to reach agreement on rules for turbine locations, shadows created by spinning blades and other details.

  • American farmers confront 'big data' revolution

    Farmers from across the nation gathered in Washington this month for what has become an annual trek to seek action on the most important matters in American agriculture, such as immigration reform and water regulations.

  • Terry McAuliffe's choice: Economic growth or a major donor?

    Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe has a difficult choice: Does he sign a bill that would create jobs, boost state revenue and reduce energy prices, or does he kill the bill and side with his billionaire campaign donor? Right now, a bill to lift the ban on offshore drilling in Virginia...

  • White House takes step toward regulating fracking emissions

    The White House took steps Friday toward issuing methane emissions regulations at hydraulic fracturing sites, a move that would slash greenhouse gas emissions in hopes of meeting President Obama's climate goals but will invite backlash from industry. The news is a victory for environmental...

  • Big Ideas: On serving sizes, sales taxes and green eating

    One size rarely fits all. You wouldn't buy clothes from a store offering only the largest sizes, blindly accepting the word of the proprietor that a super-sized pair of slacks is what you want and need.

  • Company stumbles have Energy Dept., Capitol Hill worried about $450 million nuclear program

    Concern is growing at the Energy Department and on Capitol Hill about a combined $450 million of commitments made to two companies building next-generation nuclear reactors. The Energy Department entered into separate, five-year cost-share agreements with Charlotte, N.C.-based Babcock and...

  • The 'wacky scientist' Ernest Moniz brings his unusual style to Energy Department

    That hair. Without question, it's the first thing people notice about Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. Parted on the left, cut only by his wife, Naomi, the long gray mop resembles Gene Wilder's in "Young Frankenstein." And like Wilder's titular character, Moniz is prone to experimentation and risk.

  • Anti-fracking/Keystone groups make desperate 'cancer' claims to push agenda

    Did you know that hydraulic fracking and the oil sands that would be transported by the Keystone XL pipeline cause cancer? It makes sense: Environmentalists don’t like fracking or the Keystone XL, therefore, they cause cancer, right? Well, actually, no. It turns out that despite Dr. John...

  • Examiner Editorial: Senate Democrats set to confirm zealous foe of fossil fuels

    Rhea Suh is living the sweetest dream of every radical environmental activist toiling in the trenches of Big Green’s war against fossil fuels. Suh has received a fat salary and extremely generous benefits since 2009 as assistant secretary for policy, management and budget for the Department of...

  • House Republicans lay into EPA 'land grab'

    The Environmental Protection Agency says a rule it proposed this week merely clarifies its existing authority over the nation's waterways. Republicans say it's "the biggest land grab in the history of the world," as House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers, R-Ky., called it.

  • Energy boom spurs growth west of the Mississippi

    New 2013 census information released Thursday shows that 6 of the 10 fastest-growing metropolitan areas and 8 of the 10 fastest-growing counties in the country are located in or near the oil- and gas-rich fields of the Great Plains and Mountain West.

  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski excoriates Interior Secretary Sally Jewell on Alaska road decision

    The birds are putting Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, and Interior Secretary Sally Jewell at "loggerheads." At issue is Jewell's December rejection of a congressionally approved land swap that would have permitted a 10-mile road to run through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska....

  • White House embraces natural gas exports

    The White House endorsed expanding liquefied natural gas exports to Europe on Wednesday as part of a broad call for the continent to diversify its energy resources. "The situation in Ukraine proves the need to reinforce energy security in Europe and we are considering new collaborative efforts...

  • Energy regulator nominates unqualified crony, refuses to respond to FOIA request

    Classic Washington: hire someone based on political reasons and not actual qualifications, and hope no one notices. And if someone notices: ignore, ignore, ignore. That's the path chosen by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which has refused to turn over documents relating to an...

  • Fracking Vladimir Putin's gas advantage: War by other means in the 21st century

    Here's the bottom line for our moment in time: Vladimir Putin's Smart Thuggery has exposed Barack Obama's Smart Diplomacy as a pompous mix of faculty lounge jive, utopian balderdash and reckless weakness. Cunning thugs running countries behave like cunning thugs running criminal cartels, or...

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