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  • Chesapeake Bay states getting US funding for bay

    ASHLAND, Va. (AP) — Federal officials announced nearly $10 million in grants Tuesday to help the Chesapeake Bay states keep pollution from flowing into the battered estuary. The money, through the Chesapeake Bay Stewardship Fund, is targeted at 45 projects and will leverage more than $19.6...

  • Countries pledge to end forest loss; Brazil balks

    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — More than 30 countries set the first-ever deadline on Tuesday to end deforestation by 2030, but the feasibility of such a goal was eroded when a key player, Brazil, said it would not join. The United States, Canada and the entire European Union signed on to a declaration...

  • Obama: No nation has 'free pass' on climate change

    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — In a forceful appeal for international cooperation on limiting carbon pollution, President Barack Obama warned starkly on Tuesday that the globe's climate is changing faster than efforts to address it. "Nobody gets a pass," he declared. "We have to raise our collective...

  • Leading medical journal: Physicians have a responsibility to combat climate change

    Physicians have a duty to combat global climate change and the risk it poses to the long-term health and well-being of the world’s population, the Journal of the American Medical Association’s editorial board said this week.

  • Seattle to fine residents for not composting

    SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle residents who fail to separate food waste from trash will be fined. The City Council voted Monday to impose the fines for not composting. When the ordinance goes into effect next year, homeowners found with food scraps in their trash will be fined $1 for each violation...

  • NYC mayor warns UN about climate change

    NEW YORK (AP) — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has decried "the reckless way we live" while addressing the United Nations about the threat of climate change. De Blasio addressed the U.N. climate summit on Tuesday morning before its annual General Assembly. De Blasio, a Democrat who took...

  • South Africa makes nuclear deal with Russia

    JOHANNESBURG (AP) — South Africa has signed a deal with Russia to get up to eight nuclear reactors built with Russian technology. The deal was signed on Monday on the sidelines of a conference of the U.N. atomic agency in Vienna, South Africa's energy ministry said in a statement. It was signed...

  • Cities set the pace on climate change

    By undertaking certain actions, cities could conceivably reduce greenhouse gas emissions -- which most scientists say drive global warming -- 24 percent by 2030 and 47 percent by 2050.

  • Propane seller wants to resolve Michigan inquiry

    LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A propane seller that's being sued by the Michigan attorney general's office says it has been fully cooperating with the investigation and wants to resolve the situation. AmeriGas sent a statement to The Associated Press on Tuesday, a day after Attorney General Bill...

  • EU sets new climate targets, pledges aid to developing nations

    The European Union will aim to slash greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by 2030, European Commission President Josè Manuel Barroso said Tuesday at the United Nations climate summit.

  • Obama orders international federal programs, investments to consider climate change

    NEW YORK — Federal agencies will need to factor how the effects of climate change, such as rising sea levels, drought, floods and other extreme weather linked to it, would affect international development programs and investments under a new executive order President Obama will issue Tuesday,...

  • Former Treasury chief: Businesses won't act on climate without federal policy

    Paulson, and some other Republicans who are no longer part of official Washington, have started to embrace climate policies from a financial perspective.

  • Kerry: Climate change on par with terrorism, poverty, WMD

    Secretary of State John Kerry's comments come on the eve of the United Nations climate summit, where 120-plus heads of state including President Obama, will meet to discuss global warming.

  • Rockefellers to withdraw fossil fuel investments

    The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, established by Standard Oil Co. tycoon John D. Rockefeller, will begin untangling its $860 million of investments from fossil fuels and shift those dollars toward renewable energy, the philanthropy will announce Monday.

  • Michigan attorney general sues over propane costs

    LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The Michigan attorney general announced Monday he has filed a lawsuit against a propane seller alleging price-gouging last winter, and also noted the state has reached a more than $100,000 agreement with another propane company following hundreds of consumer complaints...

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