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  • GOP budget slashes spending, aid to poor

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A budget plan stuffed with familiar proposals to cut across a wide swath of the federal budget breezed through the House Budget Committee on Wednesday, but its sharp cuts to health care coverage for the middle class and the poor, food stamps and popular domestic programs are...

  • Senate jobless benefits bill advances slowly

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Legislation to resurrect benefits for the long-term unemployed took an essential step Wednesday toward likely Senate approval, despite complaints from Republicans that Democrats refuse to allow changes designed to stimulate job creation. The vote was 61-38, one more than the...

  • For many it's not too late to get health coverage

    WASHINGTON (AP) — It's not too late to get covered. A few routes remain open for those who missed the health care law's big enrollment deadline. Millions may be eligible for a second chance to sign up for subsidized insurance this year. And some people who get coverage after the deadline can...

  • Detroit gets approval to use $120 million loan

    DETROIT (AP) — Bankrupt Detroit has been given approval to move forward with a $120 million quality of life loan to help improve city services. Federal Judge Steven Rhodes on Wednesday approved the loan brokered with Barclays. He says Detroit can use the money to meet the needs of people...

  • Minnesota couple arrested in Florida for welfare fraud

    A Minnesota couple who allegedly lived in expensive homes and owned a yacht while taking more than $160,000 in state welfare benefits has been arrested.

  • Medicare incorrectly dishes out nearly $8 million to hospitals, watchdog finds

    Wrongly coded patient visits caused Medicare to overpay hospitals nearly $8 million, an inspector general's report has found. After sampling 110 random line items from hospitals around the country, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid's IG found that only two were correct. Thus, the IG...

  • Paul Ryan proposes balanced budget plan that reforms entitlements, tax code

    Rep. Paul Ryan on Tuesday raised the curtain on his ten-year budget blueprint, unveiling a plan that balances the budget, reforms Medicare and Medicaid and simplifies the tax code.

  • Paul Ryan doesn't rock the boat with 2015 budget

    Throughout his political career, House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., has alternated between being the Republican Party's courageous idea man and serving as one of its loyal soldiers.

  • More mudslide victims found as state seeks new aid

    Estimated financial losses from the deadly Washington mudslide that has killed at least 24 people have reached $10 million, Gov. Jay Inslee said Monday in a letter asking the federal government for a major disaster declaration.

  • Chicago mayor reaches tentative pension deal

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plan to cut about half of the city's pension debt would raise property taxes while increasing the amount of money city workers contribute to their retirement.

  • Education, immigrant groups to debate tuition bill

    DAVIE, Fla. — College officials and immigrant advocates are pushing for state legislation that would let undocumented students in Florida pay in-state college tuition rates. University administrators, students and lawmakers will discuss several tuition proposals Thursday at a Broward College...

  • Companies receive incentives, fail to deliver jobs

    ATLANTA (AP) — State records show many companies that have been awarded expansion grants have fallen short of delivering the number of jobs they promised to state officials looking to bolster economic development. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Sunday that a group of companies...

  • Rhode Island workers, retirees mull pension deal

    The fate of Rhode Island's landmark pension overhaul — a model cited in other states wrestling with escalating retirements — now hinges on the votes of the same government workers and retirees who sued to block the law.

  • NYC mayor Bill De Blasio's next big push: affordable housing

    that state lawmakers have closed a budget deal to fund prekindergarten in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio is ready to turn to the next items on his sweeping liberal agenda: massively expanding affordable housing, increasing wages for the working class and overhauling the city's recovery from...

  • Feds may pull funding over Georgia food stamp problems

    Federal officials are threatening to cut off up to $76 million in administrative funding if Georgia doesn't make big changes to its food stamp system.

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