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  • Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn ready to present state budget proposal

    Quinn is expected to stress his election-year theme of protecting the middle class as he presents a budget address Wednesday that political experts and lawmakers say could be his toughest yet.

  • Missouri lawmakers hear pleas to expand Medicaid

    Missouri's Republican-led Legislature has repeatedly rejected Medicaid expansion proposals over the past two years and shows little inclination of embracing one now.

  • Pressure rises as Minnesota wage talks resume

    ST. PAUL, Minn. — Amid rising labor union pressure, public negotiations resumed Tuesday on efforts to raise Minnesota's nation-trailing minimum wage for the first time in almost a decade. A House-Senate conference committee held an 11-minute hearing, its first public session since early...

  • Missouri Senate endorses healthy eating program for food stamps

    Legislation to give food stamps users an incentive to buy healthy foods at farmers markets has been endorsed from the by the Missouri Senate.

  • As New Hampshire moves toward Medicaid expansion, political divisions are laid bare

    New Hampshire was ground zero Tuesday for the ongoing political debate over optional Medicaid expansion in the states, as ordered under Obamacare. The New Hampshire House of Representatives on Tuesday approved the expansion, just as Vice President Joe Biden happened to be traveling the state...

  • CFPB: Most payday loans are rolled over, and most monthly borrowers receive government benefits

    The vast majority of payday loans are rolled over or quickly followed by new loans, and most people who borrow from payday lenders are recipients of government benefits, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

  • Arizona House delays vote on $9.2 billion budget

    The Arizona House of Representatives on Monday failed to reach a budget deal after hours of tenuous discussions and a called off vote that left a frustrated Speaker Andy Tobin huddled with members of his own party who refused to back a plan he endorsed.

  • Virginia's General Assembly returning for special session

    Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe plans to propose a 2 percent raise for state employees when lawmakers return to Richmond on Monday for a special session in which they will try to pass a roughly $96 billion two-year budget.

  • High court to New Orleans: pay $17M for NOFD pensions

    The city of New Orleans must pay $17.5 million for its share of the fire department's retirement fund for 2010 through 2012, The Louisiana Supreme Court has ruled.

  • California hospital strike averted by contract deal

    A planned strike by thousands of University of California hospital workers was averted after contract talks yielded a deal, officials said Sunday.

  • Millions on the sidelines for big health care push

    Millions of people in the United States will remain uninsured despite this week's final, frenzied push to sign them up under the health law. Their reasons are all over the map.

  • House and Senate to clash this week on Ukraine and jobless pay measures

    The House and Senate this week are set to clash on legislation to extend federal jobless benefits as well as a measure to provide a loan package to troubled Ukraine. The Senate on Monday is poised to move forward on a bill that would supply Ukraine with $1 billion in loan guarantees aimed at...

  • Conservatives ought to know better than to support a minimum-wage hike

    Conservatives traditionally have regarded minimum-wage laws with skepticism -- and for good reason. Attempts by government to interfere with market forces in setting wages rarely work out as intended. But a group of conservative pundits and activists recently joined President Obama and others on...

  • Minimum wage bill passes Illinois Senate committee

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — A plan to make Illinois' minimum wage the highest in the nation is heading to the Senate floor, but it could still see some changes before it's called for a vote. Legislation to raise the wage from $8.25 to $10.65 per hour over a three-year period passed a Senate...

  • Governor John Kitzhaber seeks Cover Oregon shake-up

    SALEM, Ore. — Oregon's Gov. John Kitzhaber asked for a shake-up of Cover Oregon's top leadership Thursday after an independent investigation found that state managers had repeatedly failed to heed reports about problems that prevented the online health insurance exchange from launching on...

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  • Why the New York Times Poll Is Bogus

    The Arkansas Senate race has been close in virtually every serious poll. The Republican challenger, Tom Cotton, probably had a small lead a month or so ago; after a massive negative assault on him...

  • Hustle Is Overrated

    The Bryce Harper-Mike Trout showdown is underway and the outcome is, well, inconclusive. In round one Monday night, the Nationals leftfielder walked and went hitless in three at bats while the...

  • Kennedy’s Question

    We often think of the Constitution as a two-part document: first the original 1787 text, which primarily establishes the government’s structure; and then the amendments, which primarily set...