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  • The winner of Supreme Court's latest EPA ruling? Everyone and no one

    The jury's still out on whether Monday's Supreme Court ruling will have any effect on the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed rule to limit carbon emissions from power plants.

  • Stop the Big Green mind-killer

    "Fear is the mind-killer," wrote Frank Herbert in his 1965 science fiction epic, Dune. With that melodramatic mantra as a guide, we can see how ugly, malicious and wrong the Big Green climate mafia is: It's making dead minds.

  • Supreme Court limits EPA on some greenhouse gas emissions rules

    The Supreme Court on Monday ruled to place some limits on the Obama administration's authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions but largely upheld its foundations for factories and powerful plants. 

  • Keep an eye on the Supreme Court this week for important decisions

    Some of the most important cases argued before the Supreme Court this term are still left undecided. Opinions are set to be released on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and June 30, the last day of the term. Here's a list of cases left to be decided that could have major impact on a wide range of...

  • Obama moves to save the honey bees, targets pesticides

    President Obama on Friday announced plans to save endangered honey bees and other pollinators, for the first time ordering a probe into new types of pesticides that some local governments and 15 European Union nations have restricted or banned.

  • Media can't be bothered with reporting when the Brookings 'man' bites the dog named 'EPA'

    It's often said in the journalism business that there's no news when a dog bites a man but lots of it when the man sinks his choppers in the dog. But what happens when the dog named "EPA" finds itself on the wrong end of the man named "Facts" concerning the alleged benefits of President...

  • House panel hopes to air inconvenient truths about EPA's 'war on coal'

    President Obama wants to stake his legacy on fighting global warming even if he has to fake it, which he does. That inconvenient truth will get a hearing Thursday by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and it won't be pretty. The Subcommittee on Energy and Power, led by Rep. Ed Whitfield,...

  • Obama blasts 'deniers' for opposing climate change efforts

    President Obama used a commencement speech over the weekend to hit hard at skepticism about climate change, calling it comparable to the belief that the moon is made of cheese. He made this comparison - a variation on his standard line comparing climate change skeptics to members of the Flat...

  • Did the EPA Administrator admit to waging a 'war on coal'?

    Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy appeared to agree Friday night that the agency is indeed fighting a “war on coal.” McCarthy, speaking with comedian Bill Maher on his HBO program, “Real Time,” was answering a direct question about whether the EPA’s “clean...

  • Markets get a jump on Washington on climate change

    When it comes to climate change, the markets are moving faster than the policymakers in Washington.

  • Former U.S. trade representative talks nuclear

    Until the beginning of 2013, Ron Kirk was the United States' chief salesman abroad as the U.S. Trade Representative, which takes the lead on trade negotiations and exports. Nowadays, he's promoting nuclear power, with an eye toward drumming up domestic support while looking at overseas...

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