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  • Free ride? Democrats failing to field challenger to Eric Cantor

    In a “never mind” move, Richmond, Va., Democrats have been forced to cancel their planned May 3 convention to pick a challenger to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor because nobody stepped forward to take him on. The Henrico County Democratic Committee made the surprise move after presumed...

  • Report: Eric Cantor unwilling to fight against conservatives for export subsidies

    Conservative lawmakers are lining up against the Export-Import Bank, which subsidizes U.S. exporters at taxpayer risk. Mike Lee wrote an op-ed against it, Pat Toomey criticized it on the floor, 21 Republican members cast a symbolic vote against an Obama nominee to Ex-Im's board, Senate Majority...

  • GOP Speaker fight could hinge on export subsidies

    House Speaker John Boehner has a really tough job. Nobody would blame him for stepping down after this fall's election. The top two names floated as successors are Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling.

  • Rep. Steve Scalise's role in pushing flood bill seen as tryout for whip run

    Rep. Steve Scalise played a crucial role in whipping votes for a flood insurance bill that split congressional conservatives, drawing notice on Capitol Hill at a time when ambitious House Republicans are jockeying for leadership positions in 2015.

  • Republican leaders should be consistent on 'Imperial Presidency'

    “ ‘Imperial Presidency' Becomes a Rallying Cry for Republicans,” the New York Times headline blared in a story in the April 1 print edition. But the Grey Lady wasn't fooling: it's the GOP's “unified anthem” for 2014, reflecting “conservative philosophy about the appropriate role of...

  • Writing a budget might divide House Republicans

    Divisions among Republicans over a budget deal and a shortfall in tax estimates are complicating the House GOP's efforts to advance a spending plan this spring. Party leaders insist the GOP-controlled House is moving full speed ahead to approve one, but it has fallen behind schedule amid concerns...

  • House GOP committed to Obamacare alternative, but passing a bill this year is another story

    House Republican leaders are committed to passing an Obamacare alternative before the November elections, but even proponents of the effort are skeptical that it will produce anything beyond a set of policy principles. Senior Republicans charged with writing health care legislation to replace...

  • Eric Cantor dismisses Senate Ukraine package, calls for vote on House version

    A Senate panel Thursday approved a package of loan guarantees for embattled Ukraine, but the measure could ultimately stall over a provision included to reform the International Monetary Fund. Congress will adjourn for a week-long recess Friday before addressing the legislation, which includes...

  • VIDEO: House Republicans weigh in on Ukraine

    Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., offer up their thoughts on the escalating tension between Russia and Ukraine.

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