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  • Electric grid security gets renewed attention on Capitol Hill

    Congress is leading a manhunt at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Lawmakers are livid because of a FERC leak of sensitive information about vulnerabilities in the electric grid to the Wall Street Journal last month. The article noted that a coordinated attack on nine key -- but...

  • Energy Department OKs natural gas export project

    The Energy Department approved a U.S. terminal to ship natural gas to nations without a free-trade agreement Monday, a move that comes amid escalating Washington pressure to expedite such projects.

  • Dianne Feinstein pushes FERC to finish grid security rules 'quickly'

    A powerful Senate Democrat urged swift action from federal electric grid regulators Thursday to protect critical assets in light of a news report that has rattled regulators, lawmakers and the utility industry. Sen. Dianne Feinstein said concerns have been raised by a Wall Street Journal...

  • Physical threats to electric grid put cybersecurity on backburner

    Capitol Hill discussion about the electric grid is shifting to physical security, leading federal officials and some lawmakers to worry that focus on cybersecurity is waning.

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