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  • Justices uphold broad use of anti-bank fraud law

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Monday unanimously upheld the broad application of a federal anti-bank fraud law. The justices sustained the bank fraud conviction of Kevin Loughrin, who used stolen checks as part of a scheme to take merchandise and cash from a Target store in Utah....

  • Fun fact: Guess where the current IRS commissioner used to work

    Current IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testified Friday on the scandal involving the targeting of conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status. And although the hearing was filled with many memorable and tense moments, particularly between the commissioner and Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., one...

  • House panel to probe CFPB executive's attempt to strike whistleblower's testimony from official record

    A House subcommittee is investigating whether a high-ranking official at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau interfered with a congressional investigation of workplace discrimination allegations at her agency.

  • CFPB official wants to silence a whistleblower before he can talk to Congress

    A high-ranking Consumer Financial Protection Bureau official is attempting to silence a CFPB whistleblower before he testifies to a House subcommittee, a move that critics called rare and improper. An attorney for Liza Strong, the bureau's head of employee relations, on Tuesday demanded that...

  • Bitcoin's new problem

    The digital currency Bitcoin is facing a new threat to its viability, this time involving its claim to be decentralized. On Friday, a single mining pool — a group of so-called miners who direct computing power to maintain the network's ledger in exchange for payment in Bitcoin — grew large...

  • CFPB settles with whistleblower two days before Congress hears more allegations of workplace abuses

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau officials settled a high-profile complaint of gender discrimination and retaliation Monday, ending a two-year saga involving senior enforcement attorney Angela Martin.

  • Feds look to water down mortgage reform

    Three years after it was proposed, one of the major post-crisis mortgage regulations is on track to be finalized — but on terms much looser than originally envisioned.

  • Two new whistleblowers surface, are subpoenaed in CFPB controversy on employee discrimination

    Two new whistleblowers at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are being subpoenaed by a congressional subcommittee -- for their own protection -- regarding allegations of racial and gender discrimination in the workplace.

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