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  • Harvard study: Your share of the federal debt is $106,000

    American workers would have to cough up a one-time “debt reduction fee” of $106,000 to pay off the nation's debt that has grown 58 percent under President Obama, according to Harvard University's Institute of Politics annual report on the USA. The 91-page report provided to Secrets pegged...

  • Missouri lawmakers want to limit out-of-state welfare

    State lawmakers are moving to tighten rules on a cash assistance program for the poor in response to an audit that raised questions about whether hundreds of Missouri welfare recipients are living out of state. While strengthening some standards, however, lawmakers are proposing to loosen...

  • Feds may pull funding over Georgia food stamp problems

    Federal officials are threatening to cut off up to $76 million in administrative funding if Georgia doesn't make big changes to its food stamp system.

  • Missouri Senate endorses healthy eating program for food stamps

    Legislation to give food stamps users an incentive to buy healthy foods at farmers markets has been endorsed from the by the Missouri Senate.

  • Georgia Senate backs drug testing for food stamps

    ATLANTA — People seeking government help to buy food could be tested for drug use under a bill approved by the state Senate. Lawmakers voted 29-22 on Thursday to approve the plan, which now heads back to the House of Representatives for final approval. The vote came on the final day of the...

  • Massachusetts moves to head off food stamps cuts

    BOSTON — Massachusetts joined several other states Tuesday in moving to preserve food assistance benefits for households that would otherwise be reduced under a recently approved federal farm bill. The actions by the states recently prompted U.S. House Speaker John Boehner to accuse state...

  • Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy raps John Boehner over food stamp criticism

    Gov. Dannel P. Malloy struck back Monday against U.S. House Speaker John Boehner, saying it was reprehensible to accuse Connecticut and other states of cheating the federal food stamp program by approving nominal increases in home heating assistance.

  • Washington food program includes college training

    The welding shop in Skagit Valley College's Reeves Hall is a far cry from the prison cell Kevin Riley spent about five years in until his January 2012 release. Now, Riley is on the cusp of getting his associate's degree in welding technology, with other certifications to boot.

  • Top Republican: U.S. needs 1 million more immigrants, not less

    A top Republican campaigning for immigration reform is warning that America needs at least 1 million more immigrants every year just for basic farming and construction jobs, not ban like some in the party are advocating. Carlos Gutierrez, Commerce secretary under former President George W....

  • Food stamp use tripled in Delaware over 10 years

    DOVER, Del. — A new analysis shows the number of Delaware residents receiving food stamps has nearly tripled over the past decade. The News Journal obtained data from the state Department of Health and Social Services showing the number of food stamp recipients in each zip code. Every county...

  • South Carolina governor wants to link food stamps to jobs

    COLUMBIA, S.C. — Gov. Nikki Haley will not support an earlier proposal to keep food stamp recipients from buying junk food, instead backing an idea requiring people in three counties to show they are working or looking for a job to get the benefits. Haley's proposal will have to be approved...

  • Pennsylvania makes heating aid change to save food stamps

    The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare is making a change in its heating assistance program that will translate into hundreds of millions in food stamp benefits.

  • Rhode Island bill would require food stamp users to show ID

    Families receiving food stamps would have to present photo identification when using electronic benefit cards to buy food under legislation being considered in Rhode Island.

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  • Through a Google Glass, Darkly

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