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  • Protecting free speech means standing up for it no matter what

    Over the past few years, Washington Democrats have grown increasingly at ease with silencing their critics as a way to gain a political edge.

  • Lawsuits tackle Lois Lerner syndrome among state attorneys general

    Lois Lerner wasn't the only government official unlawfully trying to upend through backdoor channels the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision. The Citizens United ruling acknowledged that the First Amendment's legal prohibition on Congress making no law infringing on speech meant what it said.

  • Democrats fear free speech because they fear the grassroots

    The grassroots are gradually taking over the political process, and the Democrat establishment knows it. That's why they're trying to shut us down in any way possible, and that's why we have to fight back, each and every time.

  • McCutcheon hysterics should breathe deep and look at facts

    A new report analyzing the policy implications of the Supreme Court's biggest campaign finance case of the year, McCutcheon v. FEC, suggests that the controversy surrounding the decision is severely overblown. Prior to the case, few people seemed to care about, or even be aware of, aggregate...

  • Is banning 'fringe views' from the media how liberals want to deal with conservatives?

    First they came for freedom of speech. Then it was freedom of religion. Is freedom of the press for "fringe" voices next?

  • Freedom requires risk to endure: Examiner Editorial

    Freedom is very much at risk this Independence Day weekend -- but then it always has been. As President Ronald Reagan said, freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

  • The good fight: FIRE suing colleges and universities over speech codes

    Once upon a time, American colleges and universities prided themselves on being a zone of free expression, open to ideas, in a society that often censored speech and pressured citizens into conformism. How things have changed!

  • Nonprofit launches new effort against campus speech codes

    The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education on Tuesday announced a significant litigation effort to fight campus speech codes in colleges and universities across the country. FIRE, a non-profit foundation that advocates for academic freedom, filed four separate lawsuits against Ohio...

  • Supreme Court says abortion clinic buffer zone unconstitutional

    The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a Massachusetts law that set a 35-foot buffer zone around abortion clinics, saying it stifled free speech rights of protesters.

  • Government involvement in un-naming the Redskins is 'patently' dangerous

    Now that the federal government via the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is officially -- and not just verbally -- inserting itself into the ongoing debate about the Washington Redskins' chosen mascot name and emblems, a decent respect for the opinions of sports fans, moral busybodies, and...

  • Examiner Editorial: Redskins' Dan Snyder should tell the PC bullies to shove it

    There may be hope that common sense and courage are making a comeback in the nation's capital. How else to explain the appearance of this statement in the Washington Post: “For some people, the word 'Redskins' has lost all of its vicious old meaning and represents their beloved Sonny Jurgensen...

  • The dangerous Democratic assault on free speech

    David Brown was imprisoned for 18 months because he demonstrated against rising taxes. Author James Callendar spent nine months in jail for writing a book critical of the government. Newspaper editor Benjamin Franklin Bache was arrested for criticizing the president but died before his trial,...

  • Intolerance on campus in the name of tolerance

    Bowdoin College officials insist that "religious freedom and spirituality are alive and thriving" at the liberal arts college in Maine but members of campus Christian club heartily disagree. For the first time in 40 years, Bowdoin Christian Fellowship's club charter was rejected because it...

  • PC police, Big Green environmentalists are turning America into a First Amendment-free zone

    America is rapidly becoming a First Amendment-free zone, thanks to the growing power of the PC police in the media and on campus and among Big Green environmentalists in the nonprofit community. American University adjunct professor and veteran self-described "progressive activist" Caleb...

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