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  • Land makes campaign case in memo

    Each side can point to poll numbers that show a slight lead in its favor.

  • Democrats attack Terri Lynn Land over truck

    A conspicuous blue hybrid big-rig/pickup truck has become a surprising icon for Republican Terri Lynn Land’s Senate campaign in Michigan. It looms over campaign events. Land rode on it during a Fourth of July parade. It even has its own Instagram account. But the gimmick on wheels could...

  • Corporate America rooting for (or betting on?) a Democratic Senate

    Democratic Senate candidates are winning the race for corporate cash, despite their populist rhetoric.

  • Koch-backed group announces ad buy against Jeff Merkley in Oregon

    The ad, "Get to work for Oregon," notes that in Merkley's six years as a senator, only one of his bills became law.

  • Peters discusses historic vehicle bill, flooding

    BIRMINGHAM, Mich. (AP) — U.S. Rep. Gary Peters has visited the Woodward Dream Cruise course to promote legislation creating a federal historic vehicle register and document and preserve automotive heritage. The Bloomfield Township Democrat and U.S. Senate candidate discussed the bill Tuesday...

  • Did the Koch brothers just give up on winning Michigan?

    Their group, Freedom Partners, this week canceled its reserved television air time in Michigan for the remainder of the summer and the fall -- effectively conceding the fight in a state some Republicans are cautiously optimistic could turn in their favor.

  • VIDEO: New ad hits Rep. Gary Peters on immigration

    A new campaign ad released by Republican candidate for Michigan Senate Terri Lynn Land hits Peters on remarks he made about immigration enforcement.

  • Why environmentalists and unions are spending big in Michigan

    They're dropping $2.1 million for a voter turnout operation aimed at lifting Democratic Rep. Gary Peters to the Senate.

  • Democrats surging in Michigan races

    A new poll released this week shows Democrats gaining in the race for governor while pulling further ahead in the race for the state's open Senate seat.

  • Can Terri Lynn Land do it again in November?

    Terri Lynn Land, the Michigan Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, sailed to victory last night (in an uncontested primary), while receiving more votes than her Democratic opponent, Rep. Gary Peters, received in his respective primary.

  • Michigan Democratic Senate candidate backed company that outsourced

    Rep. Gary Peters' role in securing an earmark and a tax credit for a now-bankrupt solar panel company could become a point of contention in Michigan's hard-fought Senate race.

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  • Yes, We Do Have a Strategy: Keep Out

    Say what you will about Barack Obama, but his approach to the Middle East has been ruthlessly consistent.  He was elected on the promise to end America’s involvement in the post-9/11 wars in Iraq...

  • On the Origin of ISIS

    The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the terrorist army many thousand strong now rampaging through the Levant, embraces such an extreme, violent ideology that it makes even al Qaeda squeamish,...

  • McConnell Aide Resigns As Ron Paul Scandal Develops

    Just before the start of the Labor Day holiday weekend, the reelection campaign for Mitch McConnell of Kentucky announced its campaign manager, Jesse Benton, was resigning. Benton was leaving the...