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  • Casualty numbers raise questions about Gaza war

    GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Shopkeepers say they were sitting outside their shuttered businesses Wednesday, catching a break from being cooped up during wartime, when an Israeli missile struck a nearby mosque, killing a truck driver and wounding 45 people. One of those wounded by shrapnel...

  • Police confirm dead man was suspect in 3 shootings

    MORENO VALLEY, Calif. (AP) — A sheriff's captain has confirmed that a man found dead in Riverside County is the lone suspect in the shooting deaths of two people and the wounding of a deputy. Capt. Joel Ontiveros said at a news conference Wednesday afternoon that the man died from gunshot...

  • Glitch crashes global US passport, visa operations

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department says a computer glitch has caused major delays in its passport and visa issuance operations at its embassies around the world, potentially leaving millions of people awaiting U.S. travel documents in the lurch. Spokeswoman Marie Harf says the problem is...

  • European carriers suspend more Tel Aviv flights

    BERLIN (AP) — Air France and Germany's two largest airlines on Wednesday canceled more flights to Tel Aviv because of safety concerns amid the fighting between Israel and Hamas. Lufthansa and Air Berlin extended their cancelations through Thursday and Air France said it was suspending its...

  • Former federal immigration lawyer: Meriam Ibrahim's children are U.S. citizens

    Can the children of a Sudanese woman sentenced to death for leaving Islam, and now residing in the U.S. embassy in Sudan, be considered U.S. citizens under the law?

  • And here's the most useless thing that has been said so far about the border crisis

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced this week that he will soon deploy approximately 1,000 National Guard troops to help secure the U.S.-Mexico border.

  • Sen. John Walsh mired in plagiarism scandal

    Sen. John Walsh plagiarized his final thesis for his master's degree at the Army War College from sources at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and a 1998 essay written by Sean M. Lynn-Jones, a scholar at Harvard's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, according to an...

  • Ann Coulter's sad descent into bitter irrelevancy continues apace

    Ann Coulter has abandoned the original and insightful part of what made her famous and has taken up a full-time position peddling controversial "smart takes."

  • As President Obama dithers, Russia returns to the Americas

    During a visit to Cuba two weeks ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly reached an agreement to reopen the huge Russian spy base in Lourdes, on the west side of the island nation.

  • John Boehner calls on Obama to support legislation speeding up deportations

    The House speaker warned that it could be impossible for Congress to green-light additional money to deal with the border crisis unless Obama publicly supports a change in a law that is slowing deportations. 

  • On immigration, Texas Gov. Rick Perry leads while Obama raises funds

    Critics will call the actions of Texas Gov. Rick Perry of showboating, but at least he is taking action, while President Obama, who took an oath to defend the country from all enemies foreign and domestic, drinks beer, plays pool and attends fundraisers as our borders are overrun.

  • Barney Frank dismisses Elizabeth Warren's favorite idea

    Appearing Wednesday before the House Financial Services Committee he used to head, former Rep. Barney Frank, the architect of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law, dismissed the idea of reinstating Glass-Steagall, the Depression-era law that split investment banks from commercial banks that...

  • Sen. Jeff Sessions: Obama wants amnesty for 6 million illegals

    Sen. Jeff Sessions warned that President Obama is on the verge of granting amnesty to some 6 million illegal immigrants.

  • Obama Revolving Door: Walmart executive to HHS to help Obamacare

    Today, via the Wall Street Journal, we get a doozy for the Obama revolving door.

  • Obama's fundraising should be on DNC's dime, not taxpayers': Examiner Editorial

    President Obama has five West Coast Democratic fundraising events on his schedule this week. To save money for the DNC, he's throwing in a speech on job training at a community college.

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  • David Perdue Wins GOP Senate Nom in Georgia

    Businessman and first-time candidate David Perdue pulled off what the Atlanta Journal-Constitution  calls a "political shocker" by winning the Republican primary runoff for the U.S. Senate in...

  • Kingdom Come

    There are no copyrights on book titles. F. H. Buckley nevertheless shows remarkable audacity in borrowing The Once and Future King from T. H. White’s children’s classic, published in...

  • A Glimpse of Our Health Care Future

    To what will Obamacare lead? If the administration’s health policies continue on their present trajectory, Obamacare will lead to some form of European-style single-payer national health system.