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  • Splitsville: Gender gap gives way to wedding gap; marrieds choose GOP

    The gender gap is morphing into a marriage gap where married men and women are the Republican side of the new divide and unmarried men and women are Democrats.

  • Iceland announces men-only UN meeting on women

    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Iceland is announcing a U.N. conference on women and gender equality — and only men and boys are invited. The country's foreign affairs minister told the U.N. General Assembly of world leaders on Monday that the January "barbershop" conference will be unique, "as it will...

  • GOP ads aimed at women draw mixed reviews

    This election cycle has seen a glut of creative Republican efforts not to lose women, and it has resulted in some of the most buzzed-about TV spots. Spoiler: Some of that buzz is not so nice.

  • Feminists shocked: Men ride bikes outdoors, women indoors

    In a New Republic article, Alice Robb points to blog posts lamenting that most city bicycle riders and marijuana smokers are men. How can we close the "bike gap" and the "pot gap?" these writers ask. Don't worry about it, is Robb's reply.

  • Brown authorizes lactation rooms at major airports

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Starting in 2016, California's major airports will have to offer a private room for mothers to breastfeed or pump milk. Gov. Jerry Brown announced Friday that he has signed AB1787 by Democratic Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal of Long Beach. Under the bill, terminals at...

  • Allred: NFL let player accused of rape play

    Lawyer Gloria Allred is accusing the NFL of allowing a player to participate in a football game after he was accused of rape.

  • EEOC files first transgender-discrimination lawsuits

    The EEOC accused both companies of firing long-standing employees after they came out as transgender and informed the company that would soon begin to dress as the opposite sex at work.

  • Is this how Republicans can push back the 'war on women' narrative?

    The Democrats' "war on women" narrative isn't working its old magic in Colorado, and part of that reason is Republican Rep. Cory Gardner's support for over-the-counter birth control.

  • Gillibrand: Make Congress 51 percent women

    New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has an idea on how to make Congress work better: Make the majority women.

  • Grrl power: New voter drive to sign up women

    Feeling outgunned by men in government, a "Main Street" Republican group has launched a multi-city campaign to get women registered to vote and even signed up to run for office.

  • Ad portrays Obama as bad boyfriend

    The 60-second spot by Americans for Shared Prosperity features a woman saying she "fell in love" with President Obama in 2008. But by 2012, she says, "our relationship was in trouble."

  • Women hold the keys in Senate races

    Joni Ernst could be the first woman to represent Iowa in Congress, but she'll need to convince women voters to support her first.

  • Women voters not keen on GOP women

    Republican women have a woman problem. A slough of recent polls show that the party's much-touted female recruits still get beaten -- in some cases, badly -- by male Democratic opponents in the competition for women's votes. And it's damaging their general election prospects.

  • Republicans 'still have work to do' with women

    In an election year when the Republican Party hoped to better engage with women voters, a demographic that has eluded the party in recent years, Republican candidates nationwide still haven't closed the gap with Democrats.

  • The 'war on women' is just politics: poll

    A majority of respondents (59 percent) said the war on women is "primarily a slogan used for political purposes." Just 22 percent of respondents said there really is a war. And 19 percent are not sure if there’s a war or not.

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