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  • VIDEO: President Obama announces help for working families

    President Obama on Monday announced plans to sign a presidential memorandum aimed at easing workplace struggles for working families.

  • Democratic 2016 hopeful thinks Southern men are 'effeminate'

    Former Gov. Brian Schweitzer, D-Mont, thinks men from the South, including House Majority Leader (for now) Eric Cantor, R-Va., are "a little effeminate." Schweitzer, who spoke with National Journal writer Marin Cogan the night Cantor suffered his stunning loss to Dave Brat, apparently has...

  • 'Feisty,' 'complain' and other words you can't use to talk about Hillary Clinton

    Oh dear, someone called former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "feisty" and now ThinkProgress is out crying sexism. CNN host Christiane Amanpour – a woman, if you didn’t know – said that Clinton "got quite feisty" during her interview Tuesday with Diane Sawyer – another woman (just making...

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