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  • Large government out of place in a society based on small technology

    "Large" technology like steel mills, power stations and gas turbines tended to encourage large bureaucracies and large government. But "small" technology enables individuals to make personal choices.

  • Robin Hood and the digital revolution

    Technology-driven change will come faster than the regulators can write new rules. That will lead to many more Uber-like conflicts with governments ordering innovative companies to stop providing a better service without permission.

  • Regulators may put stricter oversight on MetLife

    WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. regulators are proposing to label insurer MetLife Inc. as a potential threat to the financial system, a designation that brings stricter government oversight. New York-based MetLife says it "strongly disagrees" with the decision by the Financial Stability Oversight...

  • Lawmakers approve groundwater management bill

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Amid a third year of drought, state lawmakers began pushing legislation Wednesday that would begin to regulate groundwater for the first time in California history. The Senate passed AB1739 on a 26-11 vote, returning it to the Assembly. The bill by Assemblyman Roger...

  • GOP: Come clean on water rule

    House Republicans are suspicious of a proposed EPA rule, one they say could subject lots of private property to federal regulation.

  • NY regulators sanction Standard Chartered Bank

    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Standard Chartered Bank reached an agreement with New York regulators to pay a $300 million penalty and suspend dollar exchanges through its New York branch for high-risk retail business clients at its SCB Hong Kong subsidiary. The Department of Financial Services said the...

  • Regulatory robbery: Dentists lobby to stop beauticians from whitening customers' teeth

    Regulation is the tool entrenched businesses use against consumers and competitors. This regulatory battle in North Carolina could become a victory for liberty.

  • Could the D.C. government accidentally ban tattoo artists?

    Tattoo artists in Washington, D.C., worry the city's health department might soon put them out of business.

  • Manhattan Moment: A new layer of regulation would boost cost of onions but not safety

    A proposed federal food safety rule would drastically increase costs for American onion farmers and consumers, without any improvement in public safety.

  • Don't shackle the Internet with regulations

    The FCC's regulations are a completely unnecessary step taken to "fix" a perfectly healthy marketplace. When this happens, my friend Bill loses. So will consumers.

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