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  • Report: Banana peels, leaves can cure global warming

    Solving the issue of methane and carbon emissions believed to cause global warming can be as easy as composting, according to a groundbreaking new report.

  • U.S., China strike climate-change agreements

    Secretary of State John Kerry hopes he has found a partner to take to the climate-change dance, and her name is China.

  • Supreme Court stops EPA's overreach

    The Supreme Court's sweeping decision in June against the EPA's unprecedented greenhouse gas regulations slams the door on executive agencies that try to rewrite laws to fit its goals.

  • Coal company uses glitch to swing for the fences against EPA rule

    A large coal company's petition against the EPA's proposed emissions rule for power plants is a legal swing for the fences, but a decades-old discrepancy in a technical amendment to the Clean Air Act might give it a chance.

  • Obama mocks Republicans as he pushes economics of climate change

    President Obama is on a campaign to make climate change an economic issue, and to nail home the point he's embarrassing Republicans who deny or are skeptical of the contributions humans make to a warming planet. "Folks will tell you climate change is a hoax or a fad or a plot. It’s a liberal...

  • The winner of Supreme Court's latest EPA ruling? Everyone and no one

    The jury's still out on whether Monday's Supreme Court ruling will have any effect on the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed rule to limit carbon emissions from power plants.

  • Supreme Court limits EPA on some greenhouse gas emissions rules

    The Supreme Court on Monday ruled to place some limits on the Obama administration's authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions but largely upheld its foundations for factories and powerful plants. 

  • White House floats expansion of Pacific Ocean sanctuary

    The White House is preparing to expand protections for a swath of the Pacific Ocean that would bar energy development, fishing and other activity in the area. The epicenter is the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, a marine sanctuary designated in 2009 by former President George...

  • Former U.S. trade representative talks nuclear

    Until the beginning of 2013, Ron Kirk was the United States' chief salesman abroad as the U.S. Trade Representative, which takes the lead on trade negotiations and exports. Nowadays, he's promoting nuclear power, with an eye toward drumming up domestic support while looking at overseas...

  • Obama says he would like a price on carbon

    President Obama hopes to one day have a price on carbon emissions as a policy to address climate change, he said in an interview for the Showtime documentary miniseries "Years of Living Dangerously." Referring to a 1990s cap-and-trade program used to reduce emissions that contribute to acid...

  • Energy research group: No, Washington Post, a 'huge majority' of Americans don't support Obama's energy standards

    A nonprofit energy research group is pushing back against a Washington Post report claiming that a "huge majority" of Americans support the White House's efforts to reduce carbon emissions from energy plants. This claim "runs counter to every single survey that I have read or focus group that...

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