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  • Top Senate Democrat blocks votes on gun proposals

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blocked a parade of campaign-season votes on gun rights Wednesday that could have been a political thorn for Democrats seeking to retain control of the chamber in this fall's elections. The Nevada Democrat used Senate procedures to prevent...

  • In case you missed this: Harry Reid thinks Justice Clarence Thomas is white

    The Senate majority leader's claim that "five white men" were behind the Hobby Lobby ruling is part of a larger campaign to mislead the public.

  • Ted Cruz: Enough votes in Senate to kill U.S. aid to Palestinian Authority

    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, reacting to the violence in the Middle East, said that there are now enough senators ready to cut the $440 million U.S. taxpayers send to the Palestinian Authority every year. But, he said, Democratic leaders are holding up a vote. And on Monday, Republican Sen. Bob Corker...

  • Ted Cruz: Harry Reid is Obama's 'enabler' to abusing power more than Richard Nixon

    Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid has helped President Obama abuse his power even worse than Richard Nixon, charged Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

  • Harry Reid's latest pandering routine includes vows to 'do something about' Supreme Court ruling

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has vowed "to do something" about the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling last week that closely held corporations cannot be forced to cover the cost of employees' abortifacients.

  • Which way will Chuck Schumer jump after the midterms: Senate Banking or Democratic leadership?

    As odds rise that Republicans will seize control of the U.S. Senate, there's speculation over Sen. Chuck Schumer's future in the Democratic leadership, which could see major shakeups if relegated to minority status.

  • John Boehner warns Harry Reid ready to reinstate earmark spending

    House Speaker John Boehner warns that Senate Democrats, led by Majority Leader Harry Reid, are 'plotting' to bring back banned congressional earmarks.

  • Our arrogant president

    President Obama appears to have forgotten -- or ignored -- why we have elections. One reason is to stop, or slow down, an agenda the public doesn't like. When polls began reflecting buyer's remorse about Mr. Obama in 2010, voters elected a Republican majority in the House of Representatives...

  • Here's why Democrats don't want to talk about Iraq

    President Obama's decision to send a small number of troops to Iraq is an awkward topic for Democrats these days. Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, who is leading Democratic efforts to keep control of the Senate, carefully dodged a Washington Examiner question about whether he supports Obama's...

  • Dems struggle to show anti-Koch amendment is 'reasonable'

    While much of Washington grapples with international crises, chronic economic troubles, and upcoming midterm elections, Senate Democrats are steadily pushing forward with what they hope will become the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution. The proposed amendment would give Congress...

  • Senate actions on NLRB, filibuster rule drain Noel Canning ruling of impact

    In a statement Thursday in reaction to the Supreme Court's ruling on the Noel Canning v. Nation Labor Relations Board case, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said that the ruling itself didn't matter much now that the Senate has changed its filibuster rules.

  • Liberals champion freedom of speech --- except in politics

    I'm old enough to remember when American liberals cherished the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment. They celebrated especially the freedom accorded those with unpopular beliefs and protested attempts to squelch the expression of differing opinions.

  • This Kumbaya moment from Congress is the best thing on the Internet today

    At a ceremony, lawmakers joined hands and sang "We Shall Overcome." Sadly, it turned into the most uncomfortable thing imaginable.

  • Flag-desecration and First Amendment hypocrisy in the US Senate

    Political posturing trumps the First Amendment. That is the clear message being sent by at least 15 senators who, less than a decade ago, were some of the most ardent opponents of a flag-burning constitutional amendment.

  • Harry Reid: Beware the 'cult of Koch'

    On Thursday, Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., leveled a new charge at his favorite billionaire villains, Charles and David Koch: They're the leaders of a cult.* Sen. Reid descended into the rhetoric of conspiracy to describe an off-the-record fundraising conference organized by the brothers last...

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