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  • FDA approves inhalable diabetes drug Afrezza

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved a long-delayed inhalable diabetes medication to help patients control their blood sugar levels during meals. The FDA cleared MannKind Corp.'s Afrezza, a fast-acting form of insulin, for adults with the most common form of...

  • 10 times Obama made fun of Republicans in the past year

    President Obama is so over Republican lawmakers. He has long lamented what he views as GOP obstructionism, but now he’s not even trying to hide his disdain, belittling them with a newfound fervor.

  • More countries adding graphic warnings to smokes

    JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesia became the newest country to mandate graphic photo warnings on cigarette packs on Tuesday, joining more than 40 other nations or territories that have adopted similar regulations in recent years. The warnings, which showcase gruesome close-up images ranging...

  • Anthem seeks 12.5 percent rate increase

    HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Consumers and advocates urged state insurance regulators on Friday to deny a 12.5 percent rate increase proposed by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Connecticut's largest health insurer. The proposed rate increase for individual plans, beginning Jan. 1, would affect...

  • New study claims liberal journos perpetuated false image of Veterans Affairs to boost government health care

    There were 26 reports between 2000 and 2011 by government investigators and auditors describing the problems now known as the "VA scandal." Those reports cover the six years of President Obama's tenure in the Oval Office, as well as President George W. Bush's two terms. So why wasn't something...

  • Sodexo cafeteria workers to regain health benefits

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Many employees who already have health insurance worry they'll pay a price for President Barack Obama's overhaul. But for workers at one major company those fears appear to be easing. Food service giant Sodexo unexpectedly reversed course Thursday after bumping thousands of...

  • Checkered progress on disabled care despite ruling

    Brent Kaderli has a wheelchair-accessible van waiting in the driveway, a hospital bed in a spare bedroom and an electric lift that's left unused. If the 30-year-old quadriplegic had his way, he'd be living here, in his father's house, with help from aides. Instead, he is in an institution,...

  • Doctors indicted for alleged health care fraud

    GREENBELT, Md. (AP) — Two doctors who owned and operated pain management clinic have been indicted on charges of health care fraud. A 16-count indictment against 60-year-old Paramjit Singh Ajrawat and his wife, 56-year-old Sukhveen Kaur Ajrawat of Potomac was returned Tuesday by a grand jury...

  • VIDEO: House committee looks for new technology in Veterans Affairs hospitals

    The problems for the embattled Veterans Affairs Department seem never-ending lately. Today's House Committee on Science, Space and Technology hearing shined light on even more problems.

  • Breakfast with a doctor offers insight into wider issues

    A couple of weeks ago, I was lured from my customary solitary breakfast to dine with Dr. Ben Carson, the celebrated neurosurgeon and inchoate politician. He probably squirms at the appellation "politician," but I am afraid that is what he is going to be. In fact, a politician is what he will...

  • VIDEO: House sees more work ahead on Medicare fraud

    House lawmakers say some fraudulent Medicare providers are slipping through the cracks.

  • Exposed: How Veterans Affairs red-flags 'disruptive' vets

    Did you know that the Department of Veterans Affairs keeps a database on "disgruntled" and "disruptive" vets that results in arbitrarily restricted care?

  • Health care spending actually shrunk 1.4 percent in first quarter of Obamacare, BEA says

    Health care spending actually shrunk 1.4 percent during the first quarter of the year, the Bureau of Economic Analysis now says, after previously saying it soared 9.1 percent -- a massive revision that will shake up the debate over how President Obama's health care law is affecting medical spending.

  • Still waiting for the most important Obamacare ruling --- and it isn't Hobby Lobby

    Health care policy watchers are still waiting for what could be the most important court ruling of the year on Obamacare -- but it isn't Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby, the contraception mandate case. Though a U.S. Supreme Court decision on Hobby Lobby could have significant implications for...

  • New Tom Coburn report describes Veterans Affairs Department wracked by incompetence, corruption, coverups

    Underworked doctors, crooked contracting officers, criminals, perverts and cheats are all part of the broken culture that rewards failure and punishes honest employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs, according to a report released Tuesday by Sen. Tom Coburn.

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