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  • VIDEO: House keeps the heat on lost IRS emails

    Lost emails from a former IRS official will again take center stage on Capitol Hill this week.

  • Steve Scalise wins role of new House majority whip

    Rep. Steve Scalise will be the new Majority Whip, elected by House GOP lawmakers as the only red-state member of the leadership team. Scalise, of Louisiana, will replace Rep. Kevin McCarthy as the chief vote counter and the person most responsible for lining up GOP support for key votes....

  • House GOP picks Kevin McCarthy as majority leader

    House Republicans Tuesday voted to install their chief vote counter as the new majority leader, rejecting a more conservative but slightly less experienced opponent.

  • Dave Brat doesn't have a 23-year-old campaign manager anymore

    Dave Brat has a new campaign manager, and she's an Eric Cantor alum.

  • Head of conservative caucus holds lead in race for House whip

    Rep. Steve Scalise entered the home stretch of the three-way race for House majority whip in the lead, as his main competitor, Rep. Peter Roskam, shifted to a second-ballot strategy. Less than 24 hours before Thursday's scheduled 2 p.m. vote, Scalise, the Republican Study Committee chairman,...

  • The underdog in the House majority whip race says he has 50 backers

    Ensconced in a makeshift war room on Capitol Hill, Rep. Marlin Stutzman is burning up the phones with calls to fellow House Republicans, hoping for an upset in his dark horse bid to become the next majority whip. The Indiana Republican is the underdog in a three-way race with House Majority...

  • Are the two political parties about to crack up?

    The outlook for 2016 is murky, with a stale Hillary Clinton way ahead of other Democrats and a stable of Republicans closely clustered out of the starting gate with no clear leader or perceptible opening.

  • Many House Republicans feel irrelevant, candidates say

    They may be in the majority, but many House Republicans feel irrelevant. That’s the problem both candidates for House majority leader promised to fix when they delivered their pitches to the rank and file at a closed door meeting. “I want every member to feel relevant again,” Rep. Raul...

  • A new rallying cry in the House: 'Remember the class of 2010'

    In a pitch that looks like a twist on the rallying cry "Remember the Alamo," someone on Capitol Hill Tuesday implored the class of 2010 to prevent their influence from waning.

  • Examiner Editorial: House GOP leadership votes may decide 2014 election

    House Republicans are set to choose a new majority leader and majority whip Thursday and the outcome of their votes is likely to shape the party's prospects for retaking the Senate in November. If Republicans regain control of the Senate, President Obama's agenda will be dead in the water for...

  • Steny Hoyer: Another shutdown unlikely because Republicans 'are not stupid'

    The No. 2 House Democrat doesn't anticipate a repeat of October's partial government shutdown, saying Republicans “are not stupid” to again demand spending cuts and other conditions that led to last year's budget impasse. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said that despite deep ideological...

  • Here's what Raul Labrador told House Republicans a leadership race needed

    Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, on Monday night delivered a written appeal to fellow GOP House lawmakers, seeking their vote in Thursday's vote to elect a new majority leader. He told members that because of divisions within the GOP, “the race needs another voice.” Labrador, who took office...

  • Raul Labrador presides over chaos at Idaho GOP convention

    Rep. Raul Labrador, the Idaho Republican running for House majority leader, presided over chaos at this weekend's state GOP convention in Moscow, which abruptly adjourned Saturday after he failed to broker an agreement between the party's warring factions.

  • Wanted: 118 House Republicans with the courage to elect a real leader

    "The secret to happiness is freedom. The secret to freedom is courage." Thucydides penned that 2,500 years ago, and the House Republicans should be thinking on that line -- especially this week. There are 234 Republicans in the House, who are about to elect a new leader. Are there at least...

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