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  • President Obama's income inequality scam

    One of the many ironies surrounding President Obama is that for all his harping on income inequality -- his most recent obsession designed to stir Americans against one another -- his policies have exacerbated it.

  • GOP senate candidate Terri Lynn Land describes the 'real war on women' in America

    Republican Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land has penned an essay for her campaign website about what she describes as “the real war on women.”

  • How Piketty's research shaped wealth gap debate

    WASHINGTON (AP) — French economist Thomas Piketty and his research partners have transformed the wealth gap debate by popularizing the concept of a financially elite 1 percent. They framed the issue of income inequality in terms that ordinary people could grasp. Using tax records, they...

  • Elizabeth Warren's not running in 2016, but she's the perfect Democratic nominee

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren was sounding like a presidential candidate Tuesday night on "The Daily Show," as she crusaded against interest rates on federal student loans, and her favorite target: big banks.

  • 'Income inequality' stats don't tell the full story

    Income inequality has long been one of the liberals' favorite issues. So there is nothing surprising about its being pushed hard this election year.

  • Age injustice and the gender wage gap issue

    "President Obama vows zero tolerance on gender wage gap," read one headline. Another read, "Women still earned 77 cents on men's dollar in 2012." It's presumed that big, greedy corporations are responsible for what is seen as wage injustice. Before discussing the "unjust" wage differences...

  • Dry cleaners press Obama over 'gender-gap' rhetoric

    America's dry cleaners aren't happy that President Obama used them as an example in remarks last week about the economic gap between the sexes. They say the disparity in dry cleaning bills is more complex than the systemized discrimination Obama hinted at in his April 8 remarks about the...

  • Paul Krugman could receive $25,000 per month for income inequality initiative

    New York Times author and liberal economist Paul Krugman has been offered a position as a distinguished scholar for a nine-month stint at the City University of New York's Luxembourg Income Study Center, which researches income inequality.

  • France's Thomas Piketty could be the Left's version of anti-debt Carmen Reinhart-Kenneth Rogoff

    Thomas Piketty is worried that advanced countries like the United States are headed toward a future in which the wealthy grow ever richer while economic growth stagnates, and he believes that something must be done to prevent this “patrimonial capitalism” from taking hold.

  • The '77 percent' statistical fraud on gender pay gap issue

    The "war on women" political slogan is in fact a war against common sense. It is a statistical fraud when President Obama and other politicians say that women earn only 77 percent of what men earn -- and that this is because of discrimination.

  • An alternative approach to the gender pay gap

    President Obama has made it clear that the gender pay gap is at the top of his talking points heading into the months before the midterm elections, but his preferred solution isn't going anywhere, even as alternatives that might be viable go unexplored.

  • The week ahead in economics: France's Thomas Piketty, inflation and Janet Yellen

    While members of Congress are out of Washington this week, the French economist Thomas Piketty will be visiting to spread ideas that could become influential both in the U.S. and around the world.

  • Dems play politics with bogus 77-cent differential in male-female pay

    An economist serving on a second-term president's Council of Economic Advisers might expect to weigh in on fundamental issues, restructuring the tax system or making entitlement programs sustainable over the long term. Barack Obama once talked of addressing such issues, and Republican leaders...

  • Integrity lives as liberals start to buck Democratic Party

    The screeching polarization of American political and cultural life in recent years is exacting a toll. Debate has been debased. Contempt and hatred for those with opposing views is now the norm. Although some on the Right have criticized their own side -- think of Rick Perry and Jeb Bush...

  • Editorial cartoon: White House pay gap

    Cartoon by Michael Ramirez/Creators Syndicate.

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  • Why the New York Times Poll Is Bogus

    The Arkansas Senate race has been close in virtually every serious poll. The Republican challenger, Tom Cotton, probably had a small lead a month or so ago; after a massive negative assault on him...

  • Hustle Is Overrated

    The Bryce Harper-Mike Trout showdown is underway and the outcome is, well, inconclusive. In round one Monday night, the Nationals leftfielder walked and went hitless in three at bats while the...

  • Kennedy’s Question

    We often think of the Constitution as a two-part document: first the original 1787 text, which primarily establishes the government’s structure; and then the amendments, which primarily set...