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  • House subcommittee to hold hearing on the 'troubling case of Meriam Ibrahim'

    Meriam Ibrahim, the 27-year-old mother of two currently residing in the U.S. embassy in Sudan awaiting a flight to America, will receive a hearing Wednesday in the U.S. examining her situation.

  • Iraq's crisis requires a political solution

    What I remember most about serving with the U.S. Marine Corps in Iraq was realizing the extraordinary level of hatred that the Sunnis and Shia Arabs had for each other.

  • At Ramadan dinner, Obama attributes his success to family and community, not government

    President Obama said Monday that the only reason that he has been successful in life is because of investments made by his family and his community.

  • Iranian foreign minister: Keep Iraq intact

    Iran's foreign minister said a break-up of Iraq would be "short-sighted," and urged to keep its neighbor whole.

  • Breaking through the myth of 'Islamophobia'

    With an editorial saying Islam "is at the core of some of the Arabs' deep troubles," The Economist has broken through the wall of political correctness that has prevented debate on Islam and its effects.

  • U.S. taxpayers shouldn't be forced to fund Palestinian terrorism

    On June 2, the Palestinians announced a new unity government, which included Hamas, an organization designated by the State Department as a terrorist group.

  • Militants try to tighten their grip in Iraq, Syria

    BAGHDAD (AP) — Fresh from success in Iraq, a Sunni extremist group tried to tighten its hold Wednesday on territory in Syria and crush pockets of resistance on land straddling the border where it has declared the foundation of an Islamic state. Embattled Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki...

  • Islamic state declaration could lead to schism

    BAGHDAD (AP) — A militant extremist group's unilateral declaration of an Islamic state is threatening to undermine its already-tenuous alliance with other Sunnis who helped it overrun much of northern and western Iraq. One uneasy ally has vowed to resist if the militants try to impose their...

  • Successors to the prophet: Islam's caliphates

    CAIRO (AP) — By declaring the establishment of an Islamic caliphate, the extremist group that controls large swaths of Syria and Iraq is claiming to be the successor of the political and religious community established by the Prophet Muhammad. The caliphate is a powerful ideal — the concept...

  • Tempers fray as displaced Iraqis break Muslim fast

    KALAK, Iraq (AP) — Waving pots and pans, police pushed back dozens of hungry Iraqi refugees as they rushed to seize free food, ending their first daylong fast of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan in an encampment for the displaced. Shouting men scrambled Sunday to reach pots of rice, meat and...

  • Al-Qaida splinter declares new Islamic caliphate

    BAGHDAD (AP) — The al-Qaida breakaway group that has seized much of Syria and Iraq has formally declared the establishment of a new Islamic state, demanding allegiance from Muslims worldwide in a move that could further strain relations with other militant groups. With brutal efficiency, the...

  • Meriam Ibrahim is currently safe at the U.S. embassy in Sudan

    Meriam Ibrahim, the 27-year-old Sudanese woman who was released this week after being sentenced to death for leaving Islam, is "safe and well" at the U.S. embassy in Sudan, according to her husband.

  • Meriam Ibrahim has been freed, again

    Meriam Ibrahim is free from police custody after she was arrested Wednesday for supposedly falsifying travel documents in order to leave Sudan with her husband and two children, the Associated Press reported.

  • Here's the ridiculous reason why Meriam Ibrahim was rearrested

    Sudanese authorities rearrested Meriam Ibrahim claiming she provided a fake travel document when she tried to leave Sudan with her husband and two children, according to the Telegraph. The travel document, according to Ibrahim's lawyer Elshareef Ali Mohammed, was “officially issued from the...

  • Judge: No-fly list violates constitutional rights

    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The U.S. government offers no adequate method for people to challenge their placement on its no-fly list, a federal judge ruled Tuesday in a case involving 13 Muslims who believe they're on the list. U.S. District Court Judge Anna Brown found people lack a meaningful way...

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  • David Perdue Wins GOP Senate Nom in Georgia

    Businessman and first-time candidate David Perdue pulled off what the Atlanta Journal-Constitution  calls a "political shocker" by winning the Republican primary runoff for the U.S. Senate in...

  • Kingdom Come

    There are no copyrights on book titles. F. H. Buckley nevertheless shows remarkable audacity in borrowing The Once and Future King from T. H. White’s children’s classic, published in...

  • A Glimpse of Our Health Care Future

    To what will Obamacare lead? If the administration’s health policies continue on their present trajectory, Obamacare will lead to some form of European-style single-payer national health system.