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  • John Boehner: We need a plan for ISIS

    Speaker of the House John Boehner says he's awaiting President Obama's plan for combating Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria.

  • John Boehner unveils midterms agenda

    It's not quite the Contract with America, but House Speaker John Boehner is preparing to unveil a five-point agenda for the fall elections that includes reforming the tax code and reducing regulations.

  • John Boehner: No immigration reform until 2015

    An upcoming election coupled with the concerns of Senate Democrats may cause President Obama to push back a possible executive order on immigration to next year, something Boehner is on board with.

  • John Boehner: Obama 'sowed seeds' of current foreign policy crises

    House Speaker John Boehner was highly critical President Obama's foreign policy during an interview Tuesday, blaming the White House for sowing the seeds of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

  • The president who is uninterested in other people

    The ability to read other people comes harder or not at all if you're transfixed with your image of yourself. Which seems to be the case with Barack Obama.

  • Another government shutdown? Not gonna happen

    The rumors are that if Obama takes some sort of far-reaching action on immigration, as is widely expected, infuriated Republicans will retaliate by threatening to close the government unless Obama backs down.

  • No Republican wave in November election

    If the last Congressional midterm election was a tsunami, this year may be more of a ripple.

  • Congress should crack down on itself, not on Burger King

    A simple change in how its members can hold their wealth is far a more promising reform than the fool's errand of sniping at formerly American companies as they flee.

  • The least popular members of Congress? John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi

    House Speaker John Boehner is the most unpopular leader in Congress, followed close behind by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, according to a new poll of likely voters.

  • WATCH: John Boehner is the monkey in the room

    "Every 15-30 minutes they come in, wind me up, I do my thing," John Boehner says in the YouTube video.

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