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  • A global epidemic of anti-Semitism

    Not every criticism of Israel, even strongly stated, is tantamount to anti-Semitism, nor is every critic a hidden anti-Semite. Some are even Jews. Nonetheless, a growing share of Israel-criticism is laced with anti-Semitism.

  • Cruz hecklers slammed as 'useful idiots' by pro-Israel Christian group

    At an event hosted by In Defense of Christians, a group dedicated to the protection of Christian communities in the Middle East, the Sen. Ted Cruz abruptly ended his speech when a small but vocal group of attendees booed him after he praised Israel.

  • Members of Jewish sect leave Guatemala village

    GUATEMALA (AP) — Members of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish group were forced out of a village in western Guatemala after disputes with indigenous residents over cultural and religious differences. Misael Santos of the Lev Tahor community says the Jewish group started leaving San Juan La Laguna on...

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