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  • Eric Holder: A more dangerous race-card hustler than Al Sharpton

    The U.S. attorney general seems to equate "equal rights" with "equal results" when it has to do with racism.

  • Justice Dept. to investigate racial profiling, excessive force in Ferguson

    The Justice Department's civil rights division will explore accusations of racial profiling and excessive force against the police department in the St. Louis suburb. Ferguson protesters claim the shooting of Brown was just the latest example of hostility towards minorities by an overwhelmingly...

  • Activist groups hail expected DOJ probe into Ferguson police

    Civil rights groups are hailing the federal investigation as a major victory for those sharply questioning the circumstances surrounding the killing of teenager Michael Brown.

  • Lawmakers cross aisles on demilitarizing police

    A Tea Party Republican has teamed up with a member of the Congressional Black Caucus on a bill to place limits on a Pentagon program providing surplus military equipment to local police around the country.

  • UK to propose controversial anti-terror laws

    LONDON (AP) — Britain's prime minister is expected to expand powers to combat terrorism in hopes of preventing attacks by Islamist militants returning for terror training in the Middle East. David Cameron is unveiling a new package of legislation in the House of Commons on Monday. Talks with...

  • NYC union: Cops not to blame for drugged-out death

    NEW YORK (AP) — Officers shouldn't be held responsible for the death of a drugged-out man in police custody, the head of a police union said Saturday. The New York Police Department said Friday it was being investigated by Manhattan prosecutors for the July 13 death of Ronald Singleton. The...

  • N. California officer accused of beating woman

    WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (AP) — Police in Northern California are investigating allegations that an off-duty officer beat a woman with a baseball bat. Walnut Creek Police said Friday it is conducting an internal investigation into claims that Officer Gregory Thompson was involved in the beating in...

  • Police restraint cited in death of drugged NY man

    NEW YORK (AP) — The death of a drugged, emotionally disturbed man restrained by police near St. Patrick's Cathedral has been ruled a homicide. The medical examiner's office cited "physical restrain by police" Friday as a factor in Ronald Singleton's July 13 death. The medical examiner says the...

  • Immigrants have 'fraud loophole': Lawmakers

    House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., and his Senate counterpart, Judiciary Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said the administration “quietly made several changes” this summer to its Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

  • FBI warns about 'virtual kidnapping' schemes

    HOUSTON (AP) — The Houston FBI is warning the public about "virtual kidnapping" schemes in which a telephone caller demands payment for the return of a family member or friend when no actual kidnapping has taken place. The FBI said Friday that perpetrators may be targeting medical...

  • Clinton: 'My heart just broke'

    19 days after the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager, Hillary Clinton speaks about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

  • Missouri governor was 'uninvited' from Michael Brown's funeral

    On Sunday, Nixon's office initially said he planned to attend the service. But on Monday, Nixon's office changed course, saying he would not attend "out of respect for the family" and to give them "time to focus on remembering Michael and grieving their loss."

  • Denver police testing use of body cameras

    DENVER (AP) — Some Denver police officers are using body cameras on patrol as part of a study of their effectiveness, and officials hope to have all 800 patrol officers outfitted with the devices by next year. Officers assigned to the city's busy downtown area began wearing the cameras in June...

  • FBI investigating reports of attacks on US banks

    NEW YORK (AP) — The FBI said Wednesday it's working with the Secret Service to determine the scope of recently reported cyberattacks against several U.S. financial institutions. A report on said Wednesday that the FBI is investigating an incident in which Russian hackers attacked...

  • Another Ferguson? Wait, wrong race, no interest

    Why has there been no media interest in the police shooting of an apparently unarmed suspect in Salt Lake City?

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