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  • You've got mail and an IRS auditor knocking on your door: Examiner Editorial

    What would you do if you opened a piece of mail addressed to you, only to discover that it was clearly intended for one of your neighbors? Most people would stop reading and simply forward it. It would seem right and moral – if not legally required – to avoid taking advantage of or otherwise...

  • How to control the IRS and America's untouchable caste of bureaucrats

    Multiple illegalities coming to light in the IRS scandal provide a composite sketch of why government is America's oldest, biggest and most pervasive lawbreaker -- with no close second. And, it's getting worse.

  • Is there a 'smidgen of corruption' yet? New documents show Lois Lerner wanted to sic the IRS on Chuck Grassley

    The former IRS official at the center of the ongoing agency scandal suggested in 2012 that federal agents examine the Republican U.S. senator from Iowa for possible misconduct, according to documents made public Wednesday.

  • Anti-IRS group uses Democrats' defenses in new ad

    The ongoing scandal over IRS targeting of conservative groups has given new life to efforts to eliminate the agency altogether. A new 30-second digital ad from the Coalition to Repeal the 16th Amendment capitalizes on Democrats who have vigorously defended the IRS from what they call a "phony...

  • Scandal, what scandal? Meet the six top Democrats covering for the IRS

    Republican lawmakers have pressed the IRS to tell the full story ever since the agency first admitted to targeting conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

  • Americans overwhelmingly believe IRS deliberately destroyed Lerner emails

    An overwhelming majority of Americans believe the IRS deliberately destroyed emails belonging to Lois Lerner, the disgraced former official at the center of the agency's targeting of conservative groups, according to a new Fox News poll.

  • Archivist: IRS didn't follow law with lost emails

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Internal Revenue Service did not follow the law when it failed to report the loss of records belonging to a senior IRS executive, the nation's top archivist told Congress on Tuesday, in the latest development in the congressional probe of the agency's targeting of...

  • Top Fed: IRS broke law over lost Lois Lerner emails

    The Archivist of the United States said Tuesday the Internal Revenue Service “did not follow the lawâ€ï¿½ in losing or destroying key emails related to the agency’s Tea Party scandal.

  • From bad to worse: Official testifies IRS did not follow law when handling Lois Lerner's emails

    A federal official testified Tuesday during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing that the Internal Revenue Service did not act lawfully when it failed to report the loss of emails belonging disgraced former official Lois Lerner.

  • Three key moments from the IRS hearing

    Internal Revenue Service commissioner John Koskinen, who has for years been a major Democratic donor, appeared before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Monday evening to testify on the targeting of conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

  • Morning Examiner with Steve Doty for June 24

    House Republicans will get another shot at the Internal Revenue Service Tuesday morning when another congressional committee hearing will be held to examine Lois Lerner's missing emails.

  • VIDEO: House keeps the heat on lost IRS emails

    Lost emails from a former IRS official will again take center stage on Capitol Hill this week.

  • Fun fact: Guess where the current IRS commissioner used to work

    Current IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testified Friday on the scandal involving the targeting of conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status. And although the hearing was filled with many memorable and tense moments, particularly between the commissioner and Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., one...

  • 'Nobody believes you': Paul Ryan torches IRS commissioner over lost emails

    Rep. Paul Ryan on Friday dressed down IRS Commissioner John Koskinen over the agency's recent mishandling of subpoenaed emails, its targeting of conservative groups and its consistent pattern of stonewalling congressional investigators.

  • Wall Street Journal: IRS scandal 'worse than Watergate'

    The revelation that the computers of Internal Revenue Service workers, including Tea Party prober Lois Lerner, were erased of critical emails sought by lawmakers has elevated the affair to -- and maybe beyond -- an old familiar presidential scandal, Watergate.

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