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  • Student loans may drag down economy for years

    Soaring levels of student loan debt are not only burdening recent graduates but have created entire generations that aren't able to save and invest, potentially hurting long-term economic growth.

  • The coming immigration fight

    When President Obama halted deportations in 2012 for 1.8 million undocumented immigrants brought here as children, Republicans complained but took little action. But now that he's preparing a sweeping amnesty, GOP lawmakers are reluctantly gearing up to fight.

  • Obama stands aloof from America's four foreign policy traditions

    Whether Obama’s decision to launch air strikes against ISIS is a turning point, it was at least a move in the direction of a tradition in American foreign policy that has been conspicuously lacking in his administration.

  • Republicans do conservatism a disservice by running on nothing

    If history has taught conservatives anything, it is that having Republicans in power is a necessary but by no means sufficient condition to advance a conservative agenda.

  • The Obama-military complex

    The dust-up between the president and his generals is the byproduct of an inherent conflict between Obama and those tasked with waging war.

  • Why Boehner keeps beating rebellions from the right

    Another Congress, another little plot to oust Speaker John Boehner. The revolts come and go, but frequent critics don't think the latest one will amount to much.

  • Q&A: James Lankford: House's top policy cop hopes to reacquaint Senate with appropriations process

    Lankford spoke with the Washington Examiner about government shutdowns, clearing the air with supporters of his primary rival, and the House Ginger Caucus.

  • Think Tanks: Massachusetts cuts out the middlemen

    Mytheos Holt for the R Street Institute: High-end electric car consumers, rejoice. If you want to buy one of the famous Tesla cars and you live in Massachusetts, you can now do exactly that. Massachusetts’ Supreme Judicial Court decided to lift the ban on Tesla sales within the state, following...

  • Cyberwar: Not if. Not when. Now.

    When intruders cracked into the computer files of a prime contractor for the Department of Homeland Security, it was a warning that no one, including the government's own security arm, was immune from the threat.

  • Experimental Medicare programs produce mixed results

    As provisions such as the individual mandate and the new insurance exchanges have provoked a very public debate over President Obama's healthcare law, policy experts have been anxiously watching the law's lesser-known features aimed at making the system operate more efficiently.

  • Many House members miss more than two-thirds of their committee meetings

    Dozens of members of the U.S. House of Representatives have missed two-thirds of this session's committee meetings, where much of the nuts-and-bolts work of Congress gets done, a Washington Examiner analysis found.

  • Which Bill Clinton will campaign in 2016: the '92 or '08 model?

    In 1992, Bill Clinton was enigmatic, folksy and funny. In 2008, he was the opposite: bitter and defensive as Hillary Clinton's campaign for president unraveled. In 2016, Democrats are wondering: Which version of Bill Clinton will campaign now?

  • Developing countries' fund key to climate pact

    What once seemed a harmless token of good will from rich countries to poor ones could derail negotiations over a global climate deal next year.

  • NBC's Williams frets kids are abandoning news

    NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams is joining a clutch of frustrated journalists and educators worried that today's youth are growing up news-free, obsessed with social media but unplugged from what makes the world tick.

  • GOP ads aimed at women draw mixed reviews

    This election cycle has seen a glut of creative Republican efforts not to lose women, and it has resulted in some of the most buzzed-about TV spots. Spoiler: Some of that buzz is not so nice.

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  • House of Cards


  • Another Fight Obama Shirks

    When it comes to military actions, President Obama likes to declare the end of wars, regardless of whether America’s opponents agree that is the case. When it comes to economic wars, he has no...

  • Second Time’s a Charm?

    Voters in Connecticut’s gubernatorial election this November will face a familiar choice as Republican Tom Foley squares off against Democrat Dan Malloy. Four years ago, in a nail biter for what...