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  • The feds love housing in 160 ways

    The federal government’s involvement in the housing industry — which is between one-sixth and one-fifth of the economy — is “fragmented across 160 programs and activities,” it found in 2012. Through spending programs, the tax code, government-sponsored enterprises and regulations, the...

  • Big Ideas: On serving sizes, sales taxes and green eating

    One size rarely fits all. You wouldn't buy clothes from a store offering only the largest sizes, blindly accepting the word of the proprietor that a super-sized pair of slacks is what you want and need.

  • Democrats use 2010 Colorado win as model for Senate campaigns

    Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., eked out a narrow victory over his Republican opponent, Ken Buck, in the 2010 midterm elections. Today, Bennet is chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which this year must stave off another potential Republican wave if Democrats are to keep a...

  • Iowa Democrat Bruce Braley apologizes for insulting Chuck Grassley, farmers

    Rep. Bruce Braley, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Iowa, was forced to apologize to Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley and the state's farmers after he was caught on video disparaging the veteran lawmaker.

  • Senate Democrats hope economic agenda can save majority

    Senate Democrats, fearful of losing their majority in November, rolled out an ambitious, populist "Fair Shot for Everyone" agenda that aims to rally their base and divert voter attention from Obamacare.

  • Obama forced to settle for status quo in Crimea

    President Obama will leave Europe armed with little more than threats against Russian President Vladimir Putin, raising concerns over his ability to deter the Kremlin from expanding its footprint beyond Crimea.

  • Obama: 'Government should not collect or hold' phone data in bulk

    President Obama formally announced proposed reforms to National Security Agency surveillance techniques, saying the government should turn storage of metadata over to private phone companies. “Having carefully considered the available options, I have decided that the best path forward is...

  • FBI dumps liberal legal group as 'hate crime' partner

    The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has labeled several Washington, D.C.-based family organizations as "hate groups" for favoring traditional marriage, has been dumped as a "resource" by the FBI, a significant rejection of the influential legal group. The elimination of the center — and...

  • Federal contractors usually get best pay

    Across the country, employees of companies with federal contracts make up to twice what others doing the same work in the region earn, dramatically increasing the cost to taxpayers, a Washington Examiner analysis found.

  • The 'wacky scientist' Ernest Moniz brings his unusual style to Energy Department

    That hair. Without question, it's the first thing people notice about Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. Parted on the left, cut only by his wife, Naomi, the long gray mop resembles Gene Wilder's in "Young Frankenstein." And like Wilder's titular character, Moniz is prone to experimentation and risk.

  • Time to scrap the mortgage interest deduction

    In the coming weeks, Americans will spend an average of 13 hours and $210 to prepare their federal taxes. Beyond the compliance burden the federal tax code imposes, it also distorts economic activity and discriminates against some taxpayers in favor of others. But one of its most egregiously...

  • Iowa Senate candidate's true loyalty is to his fellow trial lawyers

    No politician from Iowa wants to be caught on tape rubbishing his state as a backwater and savaging its most popular politician. But this is Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley's nightmare week, which could conceivably derail his campaign for Iowa's open Senate seat.

  • Examiner Editorial: Vladimir Putin's Russia is a 'regional power' with global reach

    That President Obama is ill-suited to lead on the world stage has become painfully obvious as Vladimir Putin consolidates his Crimean aggression and lays the groundwork for new adventures elsewhere in eastern Ukraine and the Baltic states.

  • Obama's 'flexibility' leads to a dangerous world

    With the flexibility provided “after my election” and with Vladimir Putin's help, President Obama quietly erased the red line he drew in Syria. The problem with flexibility and erasing red lines is that it leaves you with little flexibility and tempts others to cross red lines you don’t...

  • Peace in the culture wars --- if the Left wants it

    Sometimes it’s hard to believe the other side is being honest. Democratic politicians and liberal writers accuse Christian employers of “tell[ing] women what to do with their bodies,” and trying to “control” “access to birth control.” But a contraception ban is not on a table....

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