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  • Pew: 54,200 newspaper, magazine jobs axed since 2003

    The decade-long devastation of the print news business, crushed by the sagging economy, the evaporation of classified and display advertising, and a reader shift to digital media, has cost at least 54,200 newsroom jobs in newspapers and magazines alone, according to Pew Research. That figure,...

  • You may have heard that a Heritage Foundation panel reportedly 'taunted' a Muslim student: Watch the video and decide for yourself

    A Heritage Foundation panel formed to discuss the White House's handling of the September, 11, 2012, terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya, went off-course Monday and turned into a broader discussion on the West versus radical Islam.

  • When is a scandal not a scandal?

    President Obama has flouted the law again and again - unilaterally rewriting the health law at least 18 times since passage; changing immigration law by executive fiat (after having explained that to do so would be beyond the scope of his constitutional authority); dictating that union claims...

  • Time Warner boss denies CNN's liberal bias

    A conservative lawyer drew applause Friday when he questioned Time Warner Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes about CNN’s liberal bias at the company’s annual shareholder meeting.

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