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  • Koch brothers named most influential billionaires

    In an upcoming book, "Billionaires: Reflections on the Upper Crust," Darrell West put Charles and David Koch in the top spot for political clout held by 25 of the most politically active billionaires.

  • Bloomberg offers grants to help cities innovate

    American cities looking to be more innovative in how they address local issues can now get a helping hand from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's charitable foundation.

  • Nine political figures who switched parties

    Vermont's Sen. James Jeffords, who died Monday, hardly was the first high-profile political figure to forsake his party.

  • 2014 elections: NRA 1, Michael Bloomberg 0

    In the nation's most heated gun control election so far this year, the NRA beat gun control advocate Michael Bloomberg in the Milwaukee sheriff's race Tuesday night.

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