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  • Bond insurers vow to fight Detroit financial plan

    DETROIT (AP) — Companies that insure Detroit's bonds are repeating their pledge to aggressively challenge the city's plan to get out of bankruptcy. Results released Monday night show city workers and retirees voted in favor of pension cuts. But bond insurers say retirees are being given...

  • Detroit retirees vote in favor of pension cuts

    DETROIT (AP) — Workers and retirees approved pension cuts in Detroit's bankruptcy by a landslide, the city reported Monday, a crucial step to emerging from the largest municipal insolvency in U.S. history. The city disclosed results from two months of balloting, which ended July 11. Judge...

  • Expert says Detroit bankruptcy plan is feasible

    DETROIT (AP) — An expert hired to advise Detroit's bankruptcy judge says the city's plan to get out of Chapter 9 is feasible but there still are many challenges. Marti Kopacz says the city's computer system "is so broken" that it threatens to thwart Detroit from meeting its commitments. She...

  • Detroit: No water shutoffs for next 15 days

    DETROIT (AP) — Detroit suspended its aggressive policy of cutting off water to customers with unpaid bills on Monday, the latest response to a controversy that has prompted large protests and caught the attention of the judge overseeing the city's bankruptcy. The city said there will be no...

  • Ilitches release details on Wings arena complex

    DETROIT (AP) — The Ilitch family on Sunday unveiled more details of its plans for an entertainment and residential complex centered on a new Detroit Red Wings hockey arena. "It's always been my dream to see a vibrant and energized downtown Detroit," Mike Ilitch, chairman of Ilitch Holdings...

  • Justin Amash's support for free enterprise earns enmity of Big Business

    The Michigan Republican runs afoul of the Chamber of Commerce for opposing the Export-Import Bank and budget agreements that he thought were profligate.

  • Chamber endorses Rep. Justin Amash's primary challenger

    Rep. Justin Amash appears to be leading his primary by double digits, but that didn't keep the U.S. Chamber of Commerce from endorsing his challenger.

  • Museum raises $80M toward Detroit bankruptcy deal

    DETROIT (AP) — The Detroit Institute of Arts says it has pledges for about 80 percent of the $100 million it promised toward an effort involving the state of Michigan and major foundations to prevent the sale of art and soften cuts to city retirees during Detroit's bankruptcy. It announced...

  • Here are some of the lobbyists and business PACs trying to drive Justin Amash out of Congress

    Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., is probably the most libertarian member of the U.S. House, which means he's made some enemies on K Street. They are funding his primary opponent, Brian Ellis.

  • Residents trained to aid Detroit's fight on blight

    DETROIT (AP) — One of the latest weapons helping Detroit in its long battle with blight and vacant houses isn't a super-powered bulldozer or millions of dollars in funding for demolitions. It's a simple mobile app called "blexting" — short for blight texting — that can be downloaded free...

  • First signs of a Detroit recovery?

    On Monday, Detroit is expected to release the results of a vote by the state's retirees on an accepting a "grand bargain" bailout package from Michigan.

  • Detroit bankruptcy judge opens court to critics

    DETROIT (AP) — A judge overseeing Detroit's bankruptcy gave the microphone Tuesday to residents and retirees who oppose the city's proposal to cut pensions and other benefits as part of a plan to get solvent again. Hundreds of people have filed objections to Detroit's bankruptcy exit...

  • Ted Cruz endorses Justin Amash

    Conservative hero Sen. Ted Cruz endorsed Libertarian hero Rep. Justin Amash in a new radio ad airing in west Michigan on Tuesday.

  • VIDEO: Poll shows Democrats lead Senate races in Colorado, Michigan

    A new NBC News/Marist poll released Tuesday shows Democrats ahead in Michigan and Colorado's Senate races.

  • Tiger Stadium site redevelopment plans move ahead

    DETROIT (AP) — Detroit officials have approved a preliminary agreement to redevelop part of the former site of Tiger Stadium that would include a youth baseball field and offices. The city's Economic Development Corp. on Monday announced the agreement with nonprofit youth sports organization...

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