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  • In one day, President Obama tackles multiple foreign policy tests

    Seldom has one day captured the breadth, aspirations and limitations of American foreign policy. On Monday, President Obama imposed sanctions on members of officialdom in a resurgent Russia, tried his hand at an elusive Mideast peace deal and visited wounded soldiers at Walter Reed, a reminder...

  • Obama: Mahmoud Abbas 'consistently renounced violence'

    President Obama on Monday praised Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as someone who “consistently renounced violence” as the two leaders met in the White House to discuss the Mideast peace process. Obama hosted Abbas for talks Monday as the U.S. pushes Israel and the Palestinians toward...

  • Obama, Palestinian leader meet as peace deadline nears

    A deadline fast approaching, President Obama is seeking to ease the logjam in elusive Mideast peace talks and keep Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas from walking away, despite few signs that either Palestinians or Israelis are prepared to budge on key sticking points.

  • Obama to host Mahmoud Abbas Monday amid confrontation with Russia

    President Obama will try to divide his attention between the crisis in Crimea and the Middle East peace process Monday as he hosts a White House visit from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

  • Obama's mistaken belief that others see the world as he sees it

    Solipsism. It’s a fancy word which means that you assume others see the world as you do and will behave as you would.

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