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  • Gov. Quinn to live off equivalent of minimum wage

    CHICAGO (AP) — Gov. Pat Quinn agreed on Sunday to briefly live on the equivalent of a minimum-wage salary as he rallies support for a Nov. 4 Illinois ballot measure on the issue. The Democrat made the pledge at a campaign event focused on the nonbinding ballot question, which asks voters if...

  • Fast food workers prepare to escalate wage demands

    CHICAGO (AP) — Fast food workers say they're prepared to escalate their campaign for higher wages and union representation, starting with a national convention in suburban Chicago where more than 1,000 workers will discuss the future of the effort that has spread to dozens of cities in less...

  • No Michigan vote allowed on raising minimum wage

    LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan's election board on Thursday nixed a voter-initiated proposal to raise the minimum wage, ruling that organizers did not collect enough valid voter signatures to qualify. The 3-1 vote against certifying the minimum wage drive means lawmakers' approval in May of...

  • Rep. Jan Schakowsky's minimum-wage menu is just a cheap stunt

    Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., and Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, are levying a cheap pathological appeal with unmatched tone-deafness.

  • Big Labor wants 'schedules that work' --- just not for them

    Leading Democratic lawmakers and allied liberal groups are promoting the legislation this week to end abusive work scheduling practices.

  • Portland to consider a minimum wage hike

    PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Portland is considering a plan to raise the city's minimum wage to $9.50 per hour, two dollars more than the current statewide minimum. Mayor Michael Brennan said Tuesday the plan he's developing in conjunction with a city task force could be presented to the City...

  • Poll: Republicans couldn't live on minimum wage --- but fight raising it

    Nearly seven in 10 Republicans don't believe they could live on the nation's $7.25 minimum wage, but only 37 percent support raising it to $10.10, says a new poll.

  • US states with higher minimum wages gain more jobs

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Maybe a higher minimum wage isn't so bad for job growth after all. The 13 U.S. states that raised their minimum wages at the beginning of this year are adding jobs at a faster pace than those that did not, providing some counter-intuitive fuel to the debate over what impact...

  • 'Please Stop Helping Us' a primer on race in America

    Back in the heyday of the British Empire, a man from one of the colonies addressed a London audience. "Please do not do any more good in my country," he said. "We have suffered too much already from all the good that you have done." That is essentially the message of an outstanding new book...

  • Minimum wage push shows ballot measure hurdles in Nebraska

    Supporters of a higher minimum wage claimed victory last week in their effort to place the issue on the November ballot, but getting it there wasn't easy.

  • German Parliament OKs national minimum wage

    BERLIN (AP) — German lawmakers on Thursday approved the introduction of the country's first national minimum wage, a triumph for its main center-left party that a long-skeptical Chancellor Angela Merkel described as a "painful" political compromise. Most workers in Europe's biggest economy...

  • Nev. SC overturns dismissal of cab drivers’ minimum wage arguments

    CARSON CITY, Nev. (Legal Newsline) – The Nevada Supreme Court has ruled in a 4-3 decision that a district court erred in holding that the Minimum Wage Amendment did not entirely replace the existing statutory minimum wage scheme, which exempts taxicab drivers from its minimum wage...

  • California minimum wage rising to $9 an hour

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California's minimum wage will rise to $9 an hour when a new law takes effect on Tuesday and provides workers with the first such increase since 2008. That amount will increase again to $10 an hour starting on Jan. 1, 2016, under AB10, which Gov. Jerry Brown signed...

  • Why not boost teen employment with a training wage?

    Why do states and localities make jobs for first-time workers even harder to find by raising the minimum wage?

  • VIDEO: President Obama announces help for working families

    President Obama on Monday announced plans to sign a presidential memorandum aimed at easing workplace struggles for working families.

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