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  • Harry Reid: CIA director should apologize for alleged spying on Senate

    Sen. Harry Reid said CIA Director John Brennan should apologize to Sen. Dianne Feinstein after she accused the intelligence agency of spying on the computers used by the Senate Intelligence Committee. Feinstein, a California Democrat who chairs the intelligence panel, took to the Senate floor...

  • Does Mitch McConnell own a gun? His campaign won't say

    Does Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell own a gun? The McConnell campaign doesn't want to talk about it, and neither does McConnell's staff in the Senate. McConnell's campaign revealed on Monday that McConnell had fired a gun, but that statement made no mention of the Kentucky Republican...

  • GOP can make 2014 elections a referendum on corporate welfare

    “Whose side are you on?” That's the Democratic mantra for the 2014 elections. It's the same “people versus the powerful” line that Democrats trot out every two years, because it works. But this year Republicans can turn this narrative on its head and make the midterm elections a...

  • One of the Tea Party's biggest problems is the Republican establishment

    It's with mixed reviews that the Tea Party is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its emergence onto the nation's political scene.

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