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  • John Boehner spox: Nancy Pelosi move likely to make border crisis 'even worse'

    In the last few weeks House Democrats have given mixed signals about whether they would support changing the law forbidding the quick return of tens of thousands young Central American immigrants and families crossing illegally into the United States. No more. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says...

  • Congress scrambles to deal with Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling

    When the Supreme Court last month struck down a key Obamacare birth control mandate, it left it up to Congress to sort out the details. Less than two weeks after the ruling, both parties are scrambling to do just that.

  • White House backs GOP highway bill, putting it at odds with Democrats

    The White House signaled support late Monday for a short-term Republican fix to the Highway Trust Fund, backing a GOP bill slammed by Democratic leadership.

  • Seven ignorant comments by Democrats on the Hobby Lobby case

    The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 on June 30 that closely held corporations could not be required under the law to cover the cost of employees' abortifacients. Based on recent remarks from leading Democrats you'd think that the Supreme Court had launched a private jihad against contraception.

  • Nancy Pelosi: Americans should 'be afraid' of the Supreme Court

    "We should be afraid of this court, that five guys should start determining what contraceptions are legal," Nancy Pelosi told reporters Thursday at the Capitol. "It is so stunning."

  • Will John Boehner declare: 'Impeachment is off the table'?

    These days there seems to be an increasing number of calls to impeach President Obama. "Enough is enough of the years of abuse from this president," wrote former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in Breitbart News on Tuesday. "It's time to impeach." National Review's Andrew McCarthy is...

  • Has teacher tenure driven a wedge between California Democrats and Big Labor?

    Teachers unions have been fuming over a decision last month by the Los Angeles Superior Court that ended tenure in the state, but most Democratic lawmakers do not share their outrage -- and that is creating some serious friction.

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  • No Law, No Order

    Ferguson, Mo.

  • No Reply from America?

    On Tuesday, August 19, an American citizen, James Foley, was savagely killed. The group of jihadists known as ISIL had previously killed and brutalized tens of thousands of non-Americans. But they...

  • Bartleby, the President

    President Obama insists Republican opposition to his policies has forced him to boycott Congress and resort to governing by executive order. This is only partially true. Yes, Republicans strongly...