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  • Commanders fired in nuke missile cheating scandal

    The Air Force is firing nine mid-level commanders and disciplining dozens of junior officers at a nuclear missile base in response to an exam-cheating scandal that spanned a far longer period than originally reported.

  • Obama: 'Government should not collect or hold' phone data in bulk

    President Obama formally announced Thursday proposed reforms to National Security Agency surveillance techniques, saying the government should turn storage of metadata over to private phone companies.

  • Report reveals little new info on Boston bombing

    A new congressional report on the federal investigation into the Boston Marathon bombings includes few previously unknown details of the case.

  • Senators concerned by Secret Service allegations

    The Democratic chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee and a senior Republican senator expressed concern Wednesday over an alleged incident involving a drunken Secret Service agent in connection with President Obama's overseas trip to the Netherlands.

  • Chinese balancing act: First lady prods Beijing

    The photos from Michelle Obama's weeklong trip to China show her jumping rope, dabbling in tai-chi, walking the Great Wall with her daughters and feeding pandas. All to be expected from a first lady soaking up a rich culture while traveling abroad.

  • Obama's 'flexibility' leads to a dangerous world

    With the flexibility provided “after my election” and with Vladimir Putin's help, President Obama quietly erased the red line he drew in Syria. The problem with flexibility and erasing red lines is that it leaves you with little flexibility and tempts others to cross red lines you don’t...

  • Obama jabs Vladimir Putin, says West not entering another Cold War

    President Obama in the central speech of a cross-Atlantic tour Wednesday lectured Russian President Vladimir Putin about the consequences of annexing Crimea, saying that western powers would not “look the other way” as the Kremlin attempts to flex its muscle in Eastern Europe. Speaking to...

  • John McCain: 'No doubt in my mind' that Edward Snowden is working for Vladimir Putin

    Sen. John McCain is convinced National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden is working for the Russians. "Sure. Not a doubt in my mind," McCain, R-Ariz., responded when asked by the Washington Examiner. McCain said the timing of the releases of information stolen from the NSA is proof that...

  • TSA wants law enforcement at checkpoints

    LOS ANGELES — The Transportation Security Administration is recommending that armed law enforcement be present at airport security checkpoints during peak hours after conducting a nationwide review in response to a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport last fall.

  • FBI needs two weeks to add person to terrorist watch list, IG says

    More than two weeks sometimes pass before a newly identified terrorism suspect is added to the Federal Bureau of Investigation watchlist, the agency's watchdog has found.

  • Obama warns NATO about cutting defense spending

    President Obama on Wednesday expressed concern that NATO members were not spending enough on defense, saying it was important to ensure that all of the alliance's members were “chipping in.” “If we've got collective defense, it means that everybody's got to chip in. And I have had some...

  • Osama bin Laden's son-in-law and al Qaeda spokesman convicted at NYC terror trial

    Osama bin Laden's son-in-law who served as al Qaeda spokesman after 9/11 convicted at NYC terror trial.

  • Obama tries to reset reality by dismissing Russia as a 'regional power'

    President Obama lives in a world where the truth in international affairs is defined by the sound of his voice.

  • Key John Kerry adviser runs State Department's redundant, mission-less 'conflict' bureau, IG says

    A new diplomatic program dedicated to preventing conflicts and run by a key adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry is directionless and unstable, and few in government know what it actually does, an internal watchdog says.

  • Senate Democrats, heeding GOP objections, strip IMF measure from Ukraine aid bill

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., announced Tuesday he has stripped the IMF provision from the Senate bill, even though Democrats, President Obama and some Republicans support it.

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  • Monotony Motors

    Anyone who’s ever misplaced the family car in a parking lot at the mall must surely sense that we are not living in a golden era of automobile design. Gazing in panic out across that vast tar...

  • ‘Core’ Al Qaeda Gathering in Yemen

    A video of a large al Qaeda gathering in Yemen has raised eyebrows in the press. Nasir al Wuhayshi, the head of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), as well as general manager of al...

  • Can They Come Back?

    It’s hard to believe, but the rebirth of the Republican party in Virginia may be happening in the unlikeliest of places: the liberal bastion of Northern Virginia.