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  • Nigeria: Boko Haram claims it is Islamic Caliphate

    MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (AP) — Boko Haram, Nigeria's Islamic extremist rebel group, said it controls the northeastern city of Gwoza and has added it to an Islamic state that it claims it has established in Nigeria. Gwoza, in Borno state, is now part of its "Islamic Caliphate" asserted Boko Haram's...

  • Nigeria confirms 1 more Ebola case

    ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — Nigeria's health minister, Onyebuchi Chukwu, has announced there is another Ebola case in Africa's most populous country, bringing the total confirmed cases there to 11. Chukwu told reporters in Abuja, the capital, Thursday that the latest patient is a doctor who helped...

  • Boko Haram takes Nigeria town, resident says

    MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (AP) — Security officials and a witness say fighters from Nigeria's Boko Haram militant have seized Gwoza town, overwhelming soldiers based in the northeast area before attacking civilians. They said Thursday that the new Emir of Gwoza, Muhammed Idrissa Timta, has also gone...

  • Nigeria rushes to get isolation tents for Ebola

    LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Nigerian authorities rushed to obtain isolation tents Wednesday in anticipation of more Ebola infections as they disclosed five more cases of the virus and a death in Africa's most populous nation, where officials were racing to keep the gruesome disease confined to a small...

  • Why the Pentagon is keeping a close watch on the U.S.-Africa summit

    As the U.S. seeks broader business ties to Africa, the role of the military on the continent could change.

  • Nigeria acknowledges slow response in Ebola case

    LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Nigerian health authorities acknowledged Tuesday that they did not immediately quarantine a sick airline passenger who later died of Ebola, announcing that eight health workers who had direct contact with him were now in isolation with symptoms of the disease. Ebola, which...

  • Nigeria confirms doctor as 2nd Ebola case

    ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — Nigerian authorities on Monday confirmed a second case of Ebola in Africa's most populous country, an alarming setback as officials across the region battle to stop the spread of a disease that has killed more than 700 people. Also Monday, health authorities in Liberia...

  • Nigeria, Shell not cleaning oil pollution: report

    LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Little action has been taken to clean up pollution caused by oil production in Nigeria's Niger Delta region, either by the government or Shell Oil, Amnesty International and other groups charged Monday. Oil production has contaminated the drinking water of at least 10...

  • Big presidential entourages from 3 nations facing Ebola outbreak coming to Obama's Africa summit

    The presidents and other top officials from the three nations considered Ground Zero for the deadly Ebola virus have are still planning to attend President Obama's U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit next week.

  • 100 days later: Where are the Nigerian schoolgirls?

    Nearly 300 schoolgirls were abducted during a violent raid on a school in Chibok, Nigeria in April. To date, more than 200 girls are still missing.

  • Some parents of the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls will never see their children again

    At least 11 parents whose children were kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram in mid-April have died, according to the Associated Press.

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