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  • Doctor: Obama still chewing nicotine gum, Vitamin D deficient

    President Obama seems to have kicked his cigarette habit -- thanks to the continued use of nicotine gum, according to his doctor. “The president's overall health is excellent. All clinical data indicates that the president is currently healthy and that he will remain so for the duration of...

  • Obamacare supporters no longer so 'giddy' about CBO score of health plan

    How critical to the passage of Obamacare was the 2010 "score" given the legislation by the Congressional Budget Office?

  • VIDEO: Philip Klein discusses reform conservatism with Yuval Levin

    As the 2014 midterm elections heat up and the political world prepares for the presidential race soon after, there's been a vibrant discussion on the right about offering a positive conservative governing agenda. In the latest edition of "Dialogue," I talk to Yuval Levin, one of the most...

  • Obama's first union endorsement pays off for an Obamacare co-op

    Nevada's most powerful union has heavily stacked the board of the Nevada Health CO-OP, the Silver State's only Obamacare co-op, according to Internal Revenue Service documents. Donald "D" Taylor, the UNITE HERE union's national president and his wife, Bobbette Bond, are members of Nevada...

  • Virginia's Ed Gillespie says his Senate victory would give GOP control

    In his first week as the official Republican nominee to challenge Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie is raising the stakes in the election and claiming that his victory would be the one to put the GOP in control of the Senate.

  • Probe finds Planned Parenthood pushing teens to try sadism, domination, asphyxiation

    A new video probe by the group Live Action, known for exposing shocking abortion clinic techniques, reveals some Planned Parenthood counselors and associates pushing curious teens to engage in domination, sadism and even asphyxiation.

  • Tax expert: Obamacare will make 2015 IRS filings 'most chaotic in years'

    Obamacare's confusing tax credits, coupled with fines and the implementation of previously delayed mandates, will make the 2015 tax filing season “one of the most chaotic in years,” a national tax expert and tax preparer warned House lawmakers today.

  • The Obamacare nightmare continues amid other scandals

    While President Obama diverts the nation's attention with his other myriad scandals, the Obamacare Express continues to careen off the rails, leaving a wide path of destruction and rendering its supporters defenseless. The latest outrage, in a yearslong string, is that at least 4 million of...

  • Arkansas state Senate race focuses on Medicaid expansion

    State Rep. John Burris was among the most vocal opponents of the federal health care overhaul among the Republicans in the state House. Now running for a north Arkansas state Senate seat, however, he finds himself being portrayed as a cheerleader for the law he derides as "Obamacare."

  • Virginia GOP gains upper hand in state budget impasse, could doom Medicaid expansion

    Virginia state Sen. Phillip P. Puckett's surprise resignation Saturday has handed Republicans control of the state Senate and also put them in control of the next step in the state's ongoing budget impasse.

  • 11 times the White House used the 'political football' defense

    Call it a combination of President Obama’s favorite rhetorical techniques: bemoaning politics and using sports metaphors. Obama and his closest allies just love talking pigskin when on the defensive. The desired effect is to paint the White House as above the Washington fray and more...

  • Examiner Editorial: CBO gives up on projecting long-term costs of Obamacare

    One of the great subjects of debate during the fight over President Obama's health care law concerned the effect that the legislation would have on long-term deficits. When it became law, the Congressional Budget Office projected Obamacare would reduce deficits, but critics, pointing to multiple...

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