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  • McCutcheon hysterics should breathe deep and look at facts

    A new report analyzing the policy implications of the Supreme Court's biggest campaign finance case of the year, McCutcheon v. FEC, suggests that the controversy surrounding the decision is severely overblown. Prior to the case, few people seemed to care about, or even be aware of, aggregate...

  • Need an MRI? Get it in Mexico

    With medical costs an ever-growing concern (few companies expect medical inflation to remain low), along with cost pressures from Obamacare, some companies are sending patients abroad.

  • Why every state should guarantee the right to work

    Right-to-work is back in the spotlight, thanks to the recent Supreme Court decision in Harris v. Quinn.

  • Is it time to drain the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

    Bloomberg reported Monday that U.S. crude oil production hit 11 million barrels a day during the first quarter of this year, beating both Saudi Arabia and Russia.

  • Outrage over Hobby Lobby decision is misguided

    Hillary Clinton, really? The former secretary of state called the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling, which said a closely held corporation can be exempted from paying for contraceptives that violate the owners' religious beliefs, a "really bad slippery slope." I call that a really bad...

  • Why the former Ice Age became global warming, then climate change

    On June 23, the Supreme Court laid down a small speed bump on the highway leading from "carbon pollution" control to climate nirvana.

  • Tea Party should reform the GOP, not splinter it

    On both the Right and the Left, activists are convinced that the Republican Party is not pure enough on their issues, and perhaps it is time to break away and create a new political organization to shake up the system.

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