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  • Ukraine crisis a teachable energy moment for Obama, but will he learn anything?

    Vladimir Putin's actions in Ukraine provide us a clear view of the fecklessness, folly and utter danger of President Obama's green energy policies to US national and economic security, and the administration's actions prove it.

  • Manhattan Moment: Federal student loan programs need greater oversight

    Federal student loans have recently come under fire for indebting a generation of students. Many families are slowly realizing that it might not be worthwhile to take out copious federal loans for an expensive education that offers poor employment outcomes. As it turns out, however, these loans...

  • Verizon, Tumblr among new entries in porn 'Dirty Dozen' list

    Morality in Media’s annual list recognizing the 12 top facilitators of pornography in America — the Dirty Dozen List — has just been announced, and Attorney General Eric Holder tops the list again.

  • Left turn by Colombia's president brings his predecessor back into the fray

    A recent sharp swing left by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has surprised most Colombians and worried many. Elected by an overwhelming margin in 2010 as successor to his political mentor, Alvaro Uribe, he won an unprecedented mandate to continue Uribe’s strong fight against decades...

  • Is independent thinking still prized in science? Perhaps not on climate change

    In February, before the situation in the Ukraine really heated up, Secretary of State John Kerry focused on a hotter issue, making it clear that when it came to saving the earth from human-caused climate change, he and President Obama did not have time for members of the Flat Earth Society. I...

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