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  • Teachers unions launch assault on common sense reforms in Colorado

    Board members there who are standing up for what is right deserve the support of conservatives as they face traditional labor intimidation tactics and media blowback.

  • Priebus has earned right to speak on GOP's behalf about conservatism

    The Chairman of the Republican National Committee Reince Priebus is said to be preparing a key speech for Thursday of this week in which he will lay out a template reminiscent of the "Contract with America" of 1994.

  • Obama should seek congressional authorization on campaign against the Islamic State

    Just this week, President Obama clearly expanded his strategy by beginning airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Syria. While I was pleased to see a strong partnership with other Arab countries from the Middle East, I still do not believe a strategy, worthy of the support of Congress, has...

  • The latest war will not be free

    Our government may provide for the needs of those fighting this war, but not in a fiscally responsible way. George W. Bush launched two invasions while cutting taxes, not raising them. President Obama is happy to let Americans assume the funding for this war will come off the money tree in the...

  • Feminists shocked: Men ride bikes outdoors, women indoors

    In a New Republic article, Alice Robb points to blog posts lamenting that most city bicycle riders and marijuana smokers are men. How can we close the "bike gap" and the "pot gap?" these writers ask. Don't worry about it, is Robb's reply.

  • Here are the most important pre-midterm polls from this week

    As the 2014 November midterm elections loom ever closer, a new batch of polls released this week offers possible clues as to which party will control Congress next year.

  • Left-wing Democratic discontent simmers

    President Obama's job approval has been plummeting in heavily Democratic states like California and New York, which has negative implications for Democrats in House, if not statewide, races.

  • Is this the worst person in America?

    Senior citizens lose their daily bingo games after a former senior home employee reported their "illegal" 10-cent bingo game to the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs this past May.

  • As Sarah Palin prepares to stump for Tea Party in Louisiana, candidates prepare for a runoff election

    This year's battle for the Louisiana Senate seat has been dominated mostly by Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy and Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu, but Tea Party candidate Rob Maness' continued presence in a race has strategists preparing for the likelihood of a December runoff election.

  • 'A' is for agitation: What's really going on in Jefferson County schools

    The manufactured controversy over a proposed curriculum review in the Jefferson County, Colo., school system is generating national headlines. But the fight is not about "censorship." The real issue is union control.

  • An unfortunate legacy

    Eric Holder has announced his resignation from his position as U.S. attorney general after almost six years of turning the Justice Department into a partisan political vehicle instead of a law enforcement institution.

  • Is this how Republicans can push back the 'war on women' narrative?

    The Democrats' "war on women" narrative isn't working its old magic in Colorado, and part of that reason is Republican Rep. Cory Gardner's support for over-the-counter birth control.

  • Obama goes rogue

    Of the countless lessons we've learned from liberals over the past few years, none is more critical than this: If Democrats find an issue important enough and if doing something feels like the "right thing," President Obama has the power to act without any regard for separation of powers.

  • World domination of radical Islamism

    The battle to defeat the Islamic State will not be so easily won. Nor does eliminating one group ensure that others, even more dangerous, do not emerge.

  • The ability to walk away is key to empowerment

    Politicians like to talk about empowering the middle class or other segments of the voting population, but they're typically a little fuzzy on what empowerment really means. That makes sense when you consider that elections are essentially about politicians asking to get power rather than share...

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