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  • Democrats downplay Nate Silver's Senate projection

    The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is pushing back after data whiz Nate Silver projected Sunday that Republicans will win the Senate this year. In an interview with Jon Karl on ABC's "This Week," Silver, who recently relaunched his FiveThirtyEight franchise, gave Republicans a...

  • Hispanics souring on Obamacare -- and Democrats too?

    Will Hispanics remain a heavily Democratic voting bloc? Maybe not. The 2008 electoral exit poll showed them breaking 67 to 30 percent for Barack Obama (despite John McCain's support of comprehensive immigration legislation) and the 2012 exit poll showed them breaking 71 to 27 percent for Obama...

  • On the media buffet, people still seek meaty news

    Americans of all ages still pay heed to serious news even as they seek out the lighter stuff, choosing their own way across a media landscape that no longer relies on front pages and evening newscasts to dictate what's worth knowing, according to a new study from the Media Insight Project. The...

  • Astonishing poll shows 38-year Democratic congressman down 14 points

    West Virginia 3rd district incumbent Rep. Nick Rahall trails Republican challenger state Sen. Evan Jenkins by a 54-percent to 40-percent margin.

  • Poll: Vladimir Putin is stronger than President Obama

    Maybe it is the photos of him posing shirtless on horseback, or his military push into Ukraine, but Americans in a new poll believe Russian President Vladimir Putin is a much stronger leader than President Obama. A YouGov/Economist survey of 1,000 adults interviewed March 8-10 found that 78...

  • Godless: 85% of French say faith in God not necessary for morals

    A whopping 85 percent of those living in France do not believe that it is necessary to believe in God to be moral and good, putting the country at the bottom of a worldwide poll on religion and morals.

  • Obamacare snaps the bonds of trust between the people and the president

    During all of his first term, even as his job approval ratings tumbled in 2010 and 2011, more voters expressed positive than negative personal feelings toward Barack Obama. This was a source of strength that helped him overcome opposition to some of his policies, notably Obamacare, in the 2012...

  • Attention Democrats: Global warming not a top priority in America

    Seriously guys, it’s time to give it a rest. Just one day after Democrats pulled an all-nighter on the doom and gloom scenarios of global warming, a new Gallup poll shows that Americans just aren't interested. Fifty-one percent of Americans said they worried about climate change “a...

  • President Obama's job approval rating sinks to a new low

    A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows that President Obama's job approval rating has reached a new low: 41 percent.

  • Poll: Bill Clinton is as popular as Pope Francis

    While President Obama is suffering from a new low in his job approval ratings, one former president is enjoying sky-high approval ratings: Bill Clinton. According to a new WSJ/NBC poll, the former president is now tied with Pope Francis with a 55-percent approval rating.

  • Poll: Support for Obamacare inches up to 39 percent

    A new poll shows support for Obamacare underwater but inching up, months after the disastrous rollout of the website.

  • New Arkansas poll shows Cotton leading Pryor 51 percent to 42 percent

    A new poll in Arkansas shows that most voters disagree with Sen. Mark Pryor about who's entitled to represent them next year.

  • Poll: Plurality backs Obama's handling of Ukraine crisis

    Americans back Obama's handling of the crisis in Ukraine by a slight margin, according to a new CNN poll released Monday.

  • Zogby Report Card: Obama, U.S. weakened in Russia crisis

    Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama has been hurt by slumping polls and the Russia crisis. "Bottom line this week is that President Obama lost a little ground in the polls, so his grade will stay the same as last week. Not good. “He opened...

  • Do most Americans agree with Democrats on the issues?

    According to many experts, Republicans are expected to hold the House and could even take the Senate in November. This seems to be a perplexing turn of events for many in the media. "Poll: Democrats' advantage on key issues is not translating to a midterm-election edge," reads the headline of...

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  • Through a Google Glass, Darkly

    “Just because something bears the aspect of the inevitable one should not, therefore, go along willingly with it.” ​—​Philip K. Dick

  • 2014 ≠ 2016

    Polls are overrated, but they can be still instructive. So what’s to be learned from a Fox News survey of 1,012 registered voters conducted April 13-15? 

  • As Goes North Carolina

    Raleigh, N.C.  To win the Senate, Republicans must win North Carolina. While it’s mathematically possible to take the Senate without ousting Democratic senator Kay Hagan, the chances of that...