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  • Nope, wrong pope, dope: CNN suffers papal mixup

    CNN committed a slight error this weekend when it covered Pope Francis' recent warning to excommunicate the Mafia from the Roman Catholic Church. "Those who in their life have gone along the evil ways, as in the case of the Mafia, they are not with God, they are excommunicated," Francis said...

  • Sudanese court orders release of woman sentenced to death for 'leaving' Islam

    A Sudanese appeals court has overturned a previous ruling that sentenced Meriam Ibrahim to death for supposedly abandoning her Muslim faith. “The appeal court ordered the release of Meriam Yahya and the cancellation of the [previous] court ruling,” Sudan's SUNA news agency reported, as...

  • Hillary Clinton slaps Texas, religious foes of gay marriage

    Hillary Clinton strongly defended her support for same-sex marriage in an NPR interview Thursday while slapping opposition in Texas and charging that those who fight gay marriage on religious grounds “operate in an evidence-free zone.”

  • It's despicable to blame Eric Cantor's loss on his Judaism

    Of all the explanations being offered for the surprising defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., the most despicable is the suggestion that he lost because he was Jewish.

  • Oklahoma Republican thinks stoning gay people is okay

    Scott Esk is running for the Oklahoma state House. Scott Esk believes our rights come from God and not government. Scott Esk also thinks it's okay to stone gay people to death, since homosexuality is “worthy of death.”

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