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  • Mitch McConnell's campaign manager resigns amidst probe

    Jesse Benton, the campaign manager for Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., resigned Friday amid deepening questions over his involvement in a payola scandal by the 2012 presidential campaign he helped run. On Wednesday, former Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson pleaded guilty to switching his support for...

  • Treatment at a Veterans Affairs hospital nearly killed an agency whistleblower

    An Iraq war veteran says she lived through the patient care and retaliation scandals now plaguing the VA -- barely. Fourth in a five-part series.

  • Judge to hear motions in McDonnell trial

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The jury in the corruption case of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, is getting the day off. Judge James R. Spencer is set to hear motions Friday in the case. Prosecutors rested their case Thursday after nearly three weeks of testimony. The defense...

  • VIDEO: Obama signs Veterans Affairs overhaul bill into law

    The measure will mean better access and more accountability within the scandal-laden Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • What Barack Obama really wants for his birthday

    What do you give the president who has everything? Here are some things he might be wishing for as he blows out his candles today.

  • Democrats, the Constitution and the rule of law

    Have we arrived at the point in our nation that a Democratic president and powerful members of his administration can act as lawlessly as they choose without any significant objection or protest from the Democratic Party, the liberal media and Democratic voters?

  • Emails reveal potty mouth behind Lois Lerner's inquisition against the Right: Examiner Editorial

    Lois Lerner is famous for pleading the Fifth before a congressional committee, checking with IT staff to make sure her messages were not retrievable under the Freedom of Information Act, and disposing of her office hard drive after it was allegedly damaged in what would be an incredibly fortunate...

  • VIDEO: Sloan Gibson's six ways to fix Veterans Affairs

    Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs Sloan Gibson told lawmakers he has a six-part plan to remedy delays in care and lapses in accountability at the VA.

  • IRS experts: Lois Lerner hard drive was just 'scratched' --- not damaged beyond recovery

    Top IRS officials told congressional investigators that Lois Lerner's hard drive -- the one containing emails that could shed light on the IRS targeting scandal -- was irreparably damaged before it was destroyed completely in 2011.

  • Michelle Obama's Veterans Affairs scandal distraction

    The president and Michelle Obama are quite the diversionary tag-team. He blames everyone else for his problems. She takes credit for progress on his behalf that he doesn't deserve and distracts public attention from his avalanche of failures with endless feel-good photo-ops.

  • The playboy presidents: Bill Clinton and Warren G. Harding

    For years I have been comparing the Clinton family to the family of Warren Gamaliel Harding, our 29th president and a president of dark memory, at least to most liberal historians.

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