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  • Lamar Alexander calls on Senate to rein in National Labor Relations Board

    Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., proposed legislation last week that would prevent the National Labor Relations Board from implementing a rule requiring businesses to turn over employees' personal phone numbers and email addresses during union organizing drives. Big Labor has long wanted the...

  • Michigan teachers union attacks credit rating of member seeking to leave

    Bangor, Mich., kindergarten teacher Kimberle Byrd thought that she was no longer a member of the Michigan Education Association. After all, the state had adopted a right-to-work law in late 2012, meaning workers couldn't be forced to join a union even if their workplace was organized. Since she...

  • Union says Media Matters will let workers vote on whether to organize

    Workers at Media Matters for America, the nonprofit liberal media watchdog, will definitely hold a vote on whether to form a union, according a statement posted online by Service Employees International Union Local 500. The announcement marks a big win for the union, which had earlier faced...

  • Poll show support for immigration reform in Eric Cantor's district not trustworthy

    In the wake of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's upset Republican primary defeat Tuesday by little-known Dave Brat, pro-immigration activists have scrambled to spin the defeat, since Cantor's past support for some type of reform was an issue that hurt him in the race.

  • Pro-immigration left furiously spins Cantor's defeat

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's stunning primary defeat Tuesday was not just a loss for the Republican Party leadership, it was also a blow to pro-immigration activists. Cantor, R-Va., was widely viewed as a potential broker for a comprehensive reform deal. His loss greatly dims the...

  • In blow to unions, California teacher tenure laws found unconstitutional

    A California Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday that the state's teacher tenure laws were unconstitutional, dealing a severe blow to the public sector unions who had fought to keep the status quo intact. Judge Rolf Treu ruled in favor of nine students who sued the state, saying the tenure...

  • New Jersey unions sue to stop Chris Christie from reducing pension payments

    At least 12 labor unions have sued New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie over his plan to reduce payments into the state public pension system, arguing it is in direct violation of earlier pension reform legislation he signed.

  • The hidden costs of raising the minimum wage

    Most of the debate surrounding the minimum wage has focused on the question of whether raising it destroys jobs. Conservatives say yes, liberals say no and both eagerly point to various economic studies to buttress their point.

  • Liberal activist lays out plan for UAW do-over at Chattanooga Volkswagen plant

    Despite a humiliating rejection by the workers and an abrupt decision to abandon an effort to get the feds to order a new election, the United Auto Workers union hasn't given up on organizing the workers at Volkswagen's Chattanooga, Tenn., plant, according to a prominent liberal activist....

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