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  • Top tax expert: Companies moving abroad to please shareholders

    Companies aren't fleeing the United States because of a lack of tax competitiveness, a top tax expert says. They're leaving to use the trillions of dollars in cash they hold abroad to boost their stock prices.

  • $7 M project paves way for Port of East St. Louis

    EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (AP) — State and local officials have broken ground on a $7 million project to build a road, rail lines and utilities to serve the future Port of East St. Louis. Gov. Pat Quinn said at Thursday's ceremony that the port will be a major economic driver. The Belleville...

  • Greek frigate returns after Libya evacuation

    PIRAEUS, Greece (AP) — A Greek navy frigate carrying embassy staff and nearly 200 people from Greece, China and other countries evacuated from the conflict in Libya returned early Saturday to a port near Athens. Passengers on the frigate Salamis described a deteriorating security situation in...

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