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  • Rubio, not Bush, is the right name for the GOP in 2016

    Let's get one thing clear: If someone could wave a wand and make Jeb Bush president it would be a very good thing for the world and this country. As his mother said, he is the best-prepared person. But as his mother also said, he shouldn’t be running. And the reasons are becoming more clear...

  • Flush with cash, Lindsey Graham shifts focus away from raising money

    Two months ahead of the South Carolina primary, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham is campaigning with gusto to ward off any potential political threats along his right flank, where he was thought to be vulnerable to a competitive Tea Party challenge. But, in fundraising, at least, Graham's...

  • EPA says CO2, cow-pig manure and urine rank 1-2-3 as global warming threat

    Warmer winter weather, which many environmentalists blame on global warming, actually helped to cut emissions of global warming-causing greenhouse gasses to the lowest level in a decade, according to a new EPA report on climate change. In the EPA's “Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions...

  • Violence surges from Islamic uprising in Nigeria

    LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Suspected Muslim extremists kidnapped about 100 girls Tuesday from a school in northeastern Nigeria, less than a day after militants bombed a bus station and killed 75 people in the capital — a surge of violence that raised new doubts about the military's ability to...

  • 13 tax deductions you never knew existed

    It's tax day! And if you waited until today to file, these weird deductions might be helpful. Or you might not want to deal with them and just get your taxes done as fast as possible. Whatever floats your boat.

  • Court upholds EPA emission standards

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld the Environmental Protection Agency's first emission standards for mercury and other hazardous air pollutants from coal- and oil-fired power plants. In its ruling, the court rejected state and industry challenges to rules designed to...

  • US stocks turn higher in choppy trading

    Major U.S. stock indexes are turning higher in the late afternoon as the market shuffles between gains and losses. Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola rose after reporting encouraging quarterly results, but homebuilders fell following a survey showing weak sentiment among builders. Apple and Netflix...

  • Editorial Cartoon: Taxing success

    Cartoon by Steve Kelley/Creators Syndicate.

  • Editorial Cartoon: Kathleen Sebelius resigns

    Cartoon by Nate Beeler/Cagle Cartoons.

  • Editorial Cartoon: Shades of Nixon

    Cartoon by Michael Ramirez/Creators Syndicate.

  • Editorial Cartoon: Tax season

    Cartoon by Gary Varvel/Creators Syndicate.

  • Editorial Cartoon: Boston strong

    Cartoon by Bob Gorrell/Creators Syndicate.

  • Not all of the Pulitzers were won by the media Goliaths

    NFL players have Most Valuable Player awards. Major League Baseball players strive for Cy Youngs and Gold Gloves. For journalists, it's the Pulitzer. Every year, when Pulitzers are announced, most of them are awarded to big corporate media outlets with huge staffs and budgets devoted...

  • Janet Yellen signals more aggressive stance toward banks

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Reserve may be about to turn more aggressive in its regulation of the financial system. Fed Chair Janet Yellen suggested Tuesday that current regulatory rules might not be enough to prevent the kind of risk-taking that triggered the 2008 financial crisis and...

  • Joe Biden at Boston Marathon memorial: 'We own the finish line'

    Vice President Joe Biden paid tribute to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and praised the courage of their families and survivors on the one-year anniversary of the terror attack. Speaking during a memorial service at Boston's convention center -- close to the finish line of the race...

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